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The term ‘chronic’ can carry multiple things to mind, including severe pain, chronic stress, or extreme fatigue. Although there is a bud strain classified as ‘Chronic,’ and it may probably be better for all. The Chronic strain has a sweet and honey flavor which has a floral aftertaste. It’s perfect for anxiety, focus, and peacefulness, as it has some powerful sedative effects.

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Chronic Strain Characteristics

Chronic has an incredibly sweet aroma, with such a fresh, light and airy feel. If you shut your eyes even when standing in a cloud of Chronic smoke, you feel like you’ve been shipped to the warm weather orchard, filled with lots of colorful flowers and a huge bowl of strawberries. There are a variety of different scents filled into the small buds of Chronic, such as syrup, strawberries and fruity sweetness. They all work great around each other, as if they were all part of the very same orchard.Chronic’s harsh smoke stays in your throat and therefore can end up causing a few minutes of unmanageable coughing, as if it were a shock to the system, provided the gentle, summery odor that Chronic produces. After the first few puffs, you begin to adjust to the new thickness of the smoke, even though it takes you a little out of the serene summer mood.Much like its scent, Chronic has a nuanced flavor profile, combining delicate floral flavors with heavy earthiness. Unfortunately, the sweet strawberry and honey aromas don’t give way to your taste buds; but don’t worry too much since none of the floral freshness is lost. The first phase of Chronic smoke creates a flowery, nearly perfume-like taste on your palate as it travels down to your lungs.It isn’t until you breathe out Chronic’s dense smoke that the earthy taste of the strain starts to come out. The two very various flavors fit quite well together, contributing to the seasonal garden feel of Chronic’s fragrance.The buds offer the feeling that they are eager to go invisible, to be on the small side. A few buds on each plant appear to grow slightly more, allowing them to stand out.

Also the shading of the buds is somewhat muted; the core coating is soft, dusty green with tiny red strands that thread their way along.Most bud coloring emerges from the surface of trichomes that surround each nug, but even these are a brownish-orange shade and don’t really get your interest.Chronic plants have strangely few leaves, providing the plant a thin image. Between the plant’s muted color scheme and its thin framework, Chronic blends well among many other plants and goes undetected quickly.

Chronic Strain Effects

The symptoms of Chronic set in about immediately, calming your mind and putting you in a state of total comfort. Time seems to slow things down around you while feelings may feel a bit jumbled at first, even though you quickly adjust and are capable of thinking further into than usual, and work far more deeply through concepts.You can discover that you are stuck in your own head, unable to express your opinions, and quickly wrapped up in the complex network of concepts that float around your mind in a dream state.The physical symptoms of Chronic gradually start to accumulate on you and your body starts to feel as if it were a different thing from your mind. Your limbs can feel heavy, and repetitive movement is becoming extremely difficult. Chronic is best experienced in the evening hours or even on a day in which you don’t have any commitments and you’re only planning to hang out.It’s certainly a strain to keep away if you’ve got a long, loaded day forward with of you and a never-ending collection of tasks to work through, although with just a few Chronic puffs, it’s doubtful that you’ll even get the first job off your list.At first the cerebral impacts of the strain rapidly occur. The surge of energy and the feeling of euphoria would be almost instant, startling users with pleasant, innovative ideas. Usually, this form of head hype encourages consumers to feel more socially active as they see themselves becoming more communicative and bubbly.

What Growers Need To Know About Chronic Strain

Chronic plants are very easy to grow. They may appear to be a small challenge for new producers, but not so much that they are far from growing future plants. Chronic needs a semi-humid environment with steady conditions that do not fall abruptly in the evening. Depending on where you live, it’s a plant which can be cultivated outdoors, but it appears to do the best indoors as it provides for maximum temperature regulation.When grown indoors, you can anticipate a large yield; when outdoors, plants appear to produce a much reduced yield due to temperature changes over time. It’s generally best for new producers to maintain your Chronic plants indoors to prevent unexpected temperature changes.If you intend to grow your Chronic plants outside, they must be prepared around mid-to-late October. When growing indoors, healthy plants are usually taken somewhere between 8 to 10 weeks before buds can be collected.

Chronic Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa/ Indica Mix
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 600 grams/sqm
Height : Medium
Flowering : 60 days
Stone : It gives an upper body
high with a light feeling
THC level : 18% potent
Grow : Easy

4 reviews for Chronic Regular

  1. wpx_admin

    Growing Weeds need a little time and effort. If you are a beginner, make sure to follow carefully instructions attached when you bought a seed. Because at my experience, I failed to grow 5 seeds, but my mistake on my part. But the second time I tried to grow, it was successful. It has grown reaching a 1.5 meter height. Very healthy one. So just keep on trying. And you will be able to harvest one time. All those seeds I bought here. Quality genetics. Highly recommended

  2. Alain Cliche

    It’s a great all-day weed for me to smoke and it even helps me get to sleep at night. Growing this plant for the first time was difficult being my first grow. I learned a lot from this growing experience and will combine my experience into my next growth.

  3. Jose Jaylah

    How is this strain not recommended more!? Damn, this hits in all the right places! Super effective for my body aches and migraines. I usually don’t lean towards sativas for my condition but this one helps me stay awake and focused. No problems with growing at all, nice and easy for beginners like me. There are also strong notes of sweetness and pine, nothing too harsh on the inhale. Overall, this is a very versatile strain! I would recommend it to anyone who regularly feels fatigued.

  4. James Gratin

    Found some really deep senses of comfort in this! It was quite interesting because it is more relaxing than not but it doesn’t really wear me out. I was able to function properly while still feeling totally relaxed! Very smooth sweet flavors kinda similar to fruity strains. Was also super inviting to grow, very basic but yields were amazing! Good job with this one!

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