Chronic Regular

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Chronic is a balanced sativa-indica hybrid. It offers deep relaxation and, at the same time, a feeling of renewed energy that you can only get from this potent and balanced strain. This is a small strain that grows small flowers in popcorn-like clusters. And aside from being a recreational strain, it is also used for the treatment of pain, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Chronic Regular Strain Details
  • This type of marijuana strain has that intense power that cannot just be denied. Although it is very much easy to grow, it can practically grow with higher yields for up to 600 g per square meter.
  • In order to maintain such a yield, the right amount of light must be absorbed by Chronic. The best lighting should be set for up to 600 watts.
  • The hydro methods or the soil methods are preferable ways to grow the chronic strain. However, if one should be using the hydroponics way of growing, it may require lesser time in the vegetative state of Chronic.
  • The vegetative state of Chronic is further developed which means it may not take too long when it comes to the hydroponics system of growing.
  • A lot of growers highly prefer growing Chronic because it produces a fairly amount of high yield and that it is one of the best qualities ever.
  • The Chronic strain of marijuana is also considered one of the best marijuana ever. It can be used to treat chronic pain and treat insomnia. Moreover, it is considered to be a great booster for appetite and depression.
  • Given the right kind of weather environment and the conditions set by the grower, Chronic will ensure higher yields with higher quality. Furthermore, if the ideal mode of cultivation is also being applied, it can also contribute to a very high yield as well.
  • Chronic has also been known to have the most buds available that are deeply coated with resins.
  • In the year 1994, the Chronic strain has been awarded third place in the High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • The effect that it gives the users is that it provides that high which is most concentrated on the upper body. It also gives that extreme feeling of lightweightedness.
Note for Growers

Its yield is incomparable unlike any other. Thus, to produce such yield, the grower must be able to maintain 600 watts of the light condition in order to suffice the proper growth of the Chronic cannabis strain. Thus, the provision of light is one of the most essential elements in growing this type of strain. It may not fairly function well if it is grown in fairly dark areas. Moreover, beginners may have to problem at all growing this plant as this is very much easy to grow. Beginners would be delighted in growing this strain as it can produce great yields for a beginner.

Chronic Regular
Strain Specifications
Type : Sativa/ Indica Mix
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 600 grams/sqm
Height : Medium
Flowering : 60 days
Stone : It gives an upper body
high with a light feeling
THC level : 18% potent
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Chronic Regular

  1. wpx_admin

    Growing Weeds need a little time and effort. If you are a beginner, make sure to follow carefully instructions attached when you bought a seed. Because at my experience, I failed to grow 5 seeds, but my mistake on my part. But the second time I tried to grow, it was successful. It has grown reaching a 1.5 meter height. Very healthy one. So just keep on trying. And you will be able to harvest one time. All those seeds I bought here. Quality genetics. Highly recommended

  2. Alain Cliche

    It’s a great all day strain for me to smoke and it even helps me get to sleep at night. Growing of this plant for the first time was not easy being my first grow. I learned a lot from the experience and will incorporate my experience into my next grow.

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