24k Gold Femininzed Marijuana Seeds

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24K Gold marijuana strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that offers its users a long-lasting cerebral stimulation accompanied by a highly relaxing body stone. Also known as Kosher Tangie in other cannabis circles, this weed is a product of a cross between the Cannabis Cup winner Kosher Kush and the citrus-flavored Tangie cannabis strain. It has a THC level that ranges between 18% to 24% so expect an intensely sedating and euphoric high with that favorite Kush taste to boot! This weed has been a go-to strain by many recreational and medical cannabis users for some time now!

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24K Gold Feminized Marijuana Characteristics

24K Gold cannabis strain aroma has that pungent citrus scent that mixes with an earthy aroma that can make users salivate with delight. Its sourness has an appeal that will make one roll up a joint and light it immediately! It takes it up a notch higher with the damp earthiness blending well with that lemon and pine flavors. It tingles the mouth as a pleasurable smoke and provides a smooth and clean inhale.

The appearance of this weed is very appealing as it has neon light green hues on its deeply serrated foliage and buds, with dull orange-colored pistils all over its leaves and buds. Its icy white sheen is the product of the creamy-white trichomes found on the inner and outer surfaces of the buds.

24K Gold Marijuana Effects

The effects of the 24K Gold weed strain are quite intense making it a great day ender. Newbies are recommended to stay away from this weed as it may be too potent for them to handle. It will start with a bang! An intense head rush will be felt by the users that will give them instant euphoria as their moods are uplifted! The continues and gives the user a jolt of energy that will keep them on their toes while this cerebral stimulation lasts. As the cerebral party starts to wind down, a warm sensation will slowly start to engulf the user and creeps down to the spine that sends goosebumps all over. This paves the way for an intense feeling of relaxation. The muscles and joints will start to loosen and the whole body feels soothing relaxation takes over. In time, this long-lasting effect will have to ebb and the users will feel the strong urge to go on a dreamless journey of blissful slumber.

What Growers Need To Know About 24K Gold Feminized

Growing the 24K Gold will need a little cannabis growing experience for them to be thriving. These plants can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and they prefer a warm, sunny but dry environment. So it is necessary to keep a close eye on the humidity levels especially during the flowering stage as too much water vapor in the air may cause a build-up of moisture in the buds and cause bud rot. Topping of the plant is also necessary as these weeds can grow really tall. Topping will not only regulate its vertical growth but also induce more lateral growth where the new branches can be a potential growth point for new buds to develop. It will usually take 8 to 10 weeks for the flowering period to last then they can be harvested and expect yields of 500 to 600 grams of high-quality 24K weed!


24K Gold Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Genes : Kosher Kush x Tangie
Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Temperate, Mediterranean
Yield : 450 grams
Height : Short
Flowering : 9 – 10 weeks
Stone : Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy
Flavor : Citrus, Earthy, Sweet, Skunky, Sour
THC level : 18% – 24%
CBD level : 0.2%
Grow : Moderate

1 review for 24k Gold Femininzed Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Cleon Rojas

    Cleon Rojas

    I am in love with these seeds! Grew some amazing looking buds that were glowing a nice amber color. Very happy with the yields that came with the plant, it was more than enough for my stock to last. I think this would do better outdoors, some of my seeds inside fell sick which was really a bummer. I rolled a joint and immediately it up after curing the buds just to get a quick taste. It’s got some amazing citrus and lemony vibes. Really smooth smoke that went down pretty well. Highly recommended!

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