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Earn easy Cash by joining MJ Canada Seeds Affiliate Program

You can earn easy money by using the internet and joining our Affiliate Program.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to join this program. All you need are either of the following platforms

  • Own website (does not have to be cannabis-related)
  • Social media
  • Youtube
  • blog/podcast

Encourage your friends and followers to support and purchase their own at ML Canada Seeds. Take advantage of using the internet to earn cash!

Sign up now and we got you covered!

Is there a Commission rate?

A 20% commission will be given to affiliates for orders that have been paid and shipped. Every time you refer a customer to our website, you will be rewarded for this sales effort. The more you refer and the more they purchase, expect rewards to come! Cookies will be in your referrals device for 90 days, so there is a lot of time to complete any pending purchase.

When are commissions paid?

For commissions that are accumulated the previous month, they are released in the first two weeks of the succeeding month. Payment methods could either be via Paypal, e-transfer, bank wire transfer, Payoneer, and checks. These can be remitted anywhere in the world.

What makes Green Affiliates different from the others?

We have a total of 7 different companies which you can promote. We have been continuously expanding so expect more companies to promote soon! What makes this great is that these companies are on one platform, this includes MJ Seeds Canada! They all offer a very captivating packaging, famous strains with an 80% germination rate, global shipping, 24 hours customer service reliability, and a solid reputation for delivering top-quality products! Our Customer service agents are always available with a toll-free number, ready to assist you in earning that extra income.

How much does a typical Affiliate make?

On average, our regular affiliates currently have 10 paid transactions per month amounting to $100-$200 for each transaction. That would amount to $200 to $400 extra money for you by just doing referrals and convincing them to make purchases. You can earn more if you could send more closed transactions our way!


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