AK 47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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AK-47 is a very explosive marijuana hybrid that pays tribute to the famous Russian rifle. Its genetic lineage traces four powerful landrace strains namely Columbian Thai, Mexican, and Afghani strains. This Sativa-dominant strain will promote a moderate-high uplifting of the user’s moods combined with an intense cerebral high that envelops the user’s mind. With a high THC content expect a potent explosion that will provide intense cerebral effects coupled with a deeply calming body high. This long-lasting weed strain is easy to grow and expects a modest harvest if given the proper growing conditions.

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Flavors and Characteristics of AK-47 Feminized

AK-47 offers a range of effects that benefits both the mind and body. With a THC level that averages at 20%, expect a potent high from this wonderful weed. Aside from the uplifting and energy-boosting effects, this cannabis strain also offers increased creativity within the user. The Sativa in this weed induces the creative juices to flow, this is a great complement to having an uplifting and energized feeling as tasks and projects on hand will be “masterfully” created as the user will work with a positive state of mind and a clear sense of motivation. Although the AK-47 is mostly a Sativa dominant strain, some Indica effects complement some Indica effects complement the Sativa high of AK-47. A deep feeling of relaxation will consume the user’s body while he is doing his tasks. This is a perfect match when completing chores as the uplifting and energetic feeling while doing a job will be mixed with a relaxing high, thus making the user enjoy completing his job without feeling any negative vibe.

When opening a jar of AK-47 marijuana strain, you are greeted by a sourness that is distinct and appealing, this is followed by hints of floral aromas with a few earthy tones mixed into it. This multiple award winner will have a lingering scent that will hang in the air. As for its taste, AK-47 has an overpowering skunky note which is notoriously known in the cannabis world. However, sweet floral flavors blending in with a damp earth flavor will give this weed a pleasing and delightful smoke.

This strain can grow tall and wide. Their leaves show a lime green hue with fiery orange pistils that surround the entire plant. Its silvery buds are filled with trichomes rich in THC. The beautiful aesthetic appearance of this plant is something to behold.

AK-47 Feminized Effects

The effects of AK-47 caters to both the physical and mental attributes of the individual. Being a hybrid cannabis strain, it offers a mix of a Sativa high as well as a bit of Indica effects mixed into it. The initial high of the AK-47 is an uplifting mood where spirits are positively enhanced and this gives the user an optimistic approach to his way of doing things. Aside from these enhanced feelings, a jolt of creativity will also allow the users to explore the inner depths of their artistic side. An unlimited number of thoughts will linger around his head bringing out creative notes to solve easy or complex situations. The user is suddenly inspired while his spirits abound with positive energy.

This strain is also capable of relaxing the user’s entire mind and body, and this complete tranquility can last for hours, so the time to enjoy this strain is quite extended. This relaxed state is a perfect complement to the uplifted mood and creative state the user is in as the user is still functional and not locked into a situation of laziness. This makes for a very productive smoke. And when taken at the end of the day, this weed pairs very well with any music of your choice as the auditory perception of the user is enhanced as well. Relaxing tunes, coupled with a completely calm mind and body just sounds so perfect to end the day!

What Growers Need To Know

This weed is an easy plant to grow. It may be grown either indoors or outdoors. This would make for an ideal plant for novice growers to hone their skills in the art of cannabis cultivation. That being said, every student before starting his marijuana cultivation journey, must already be aware of the ideal growing conditions needed for the cannabis plant. A feminized marijuana seed will be the perfect match for the novice rower as he will not have to worry about germinating any random male seedling, which we all know is not the cannabis plant sex we want to grow. We want the female flower/bud producing type.

Growing this plant indoors will require the following conditions to be present so this weed may grow to its maximum potential. This plant will need a controlled setting where humidity levels are on the low side especially when it enters the flowering stage. This is because this plant is quite susceptible to mold and mildew, and keeping the air dry, with less water vapor, will do well for this plant. Other growing conditions such as adequate and a fixed lighting schedule, warm and temperate environment, and controlled nutritional feeding are factors that need to be addressed when growing this plant indoors. They will reward you with a bountiful harvest with these conditions. Flowering will start in around 7 to 9 weeks.

Give the AK-47 a warm and temperate climate if you intend to grow this plant outdoors. Exposing them to cool daytime temperatures will not work. Like all other plants, exposing them to their natural environment without needing to acclimatize drastically will do wonders for any plant. This is because they are growing where they are supposed to grow, in nature! A natural setting for this plant will make them happy and will reward you with above-average bud production come harvest time! 14 ounces of fresh bud is not bad at all.


AK 47 Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 350 – 500 g/m²
Height : Medium
Flowering : 53 – 63 days
Stone : Long Lasting Cerebral Effect
THC level : 19.22%
Grow : Easy

7 reviews for AK 47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for GDoiron


    This strain of MJ Seeds Canada AK-47 feminized is extremely decent. I had a few issues however the result was extremely decent. It’s the most delightful strain of AK-47 I’ve had. I’m not an enthusiast of happiness and a great deal of head pressure, that is the thing that I like about this.

  2. Avatar for Roberto Gillan

    Roberto Gillan

    I am very happy with the ak47 seeds I got from mj seeds canada! they give a very mild high, which is great because i was a little scared of strong hits. its just my second time growing, ak47 is the perfect gateway strain. cant wait to place another order! 10 out of 10!

  3. Avatar for Tom Wilde

    Tom Wilde

    Too strong but just enough to get me high! Smoking AK-47 gave me the high that I have been looking for a long, long time. And its fucking incredible! Woohoo! Yo! I need to buy 20 seeds this time so I can save shipping and I will enjoy it longer. Can’t wait to receive my new seeds!

  4. Avatar for Clark Mendez

    Clark Mendez

    I have to say that this matches the needs of experienced smokers who are looking for a strong kick that lasts long. You’ll gonna be asking for more because it gives you the kind of cerebral high like you have never experienced before. Growing and cultivating this in my garden is just as fun as smoking it! A must-try!

  5. Avatar for Loco


    Very good ,all seeds grew and gave decent yields as described, lots of crystals !!!

  6. Avatar for Mike888


    Small but incredible! Do not and never ever judge it for its size because this yield machine can hold a candle to large-sized strains. Plus, all the seeds you will get when you purchase this are feminized. What more can you ask for?

  7. Avatar for Victor M

    Victor M

    I tried my first AK47 strain. So far, I am very pleased with the result when I tried cultivating it indoors. 90% of the seeds were growing healthily and when it came to harvest time, gosh, I never had so many buds! The yield was more than I ever imagined! As soon as I got my harvest, I tried it and man, oh man! I felt so good and typically, I tried this before I start my work and it really gets me going and it’s as if you are inspired to work especially in this time of pandemic!

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