Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds

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Chronic Widow Seeds is a marijuana strain that is Indica and is famous for its high 23% THC and strong yields. A truly gracious strain, you can get about 700 to 800 g/m2 indoors as well as approximately 850 to 900 gr/plant outdoors. With earthy, soft, and spicy flavors, it is a euphoric, joyful, and calming strain.

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Chronic Widow Strain Characteristics

It’s a fantastic all-rounder, and it can’t help but be praised by both medical and recreational consumers. You can’t go far wrong with a Persistent Widow if you’re looking for a flexible nighttime variety of marijuana. The scent of Chronic Widow is identical to White Widow’s: powerful but smooth and earthy. On the other hand, its flavor is more like that of Chronic, with sweet honey whippings and a few spicy notes.

Chronic Widow Strain Effects

A strong one-two hit impact is given by this tasty herb. The blow from its Sativa quality and, becoming high THC, a THC level of 23 percent, while it is Indica-dominant, lands first. These two make a terrific pair. Together, they give consumers a cerebral boost, a great feeling of being big, with a euphoric kick to boot. Instantly afterward, the Indica-CBD combo will follow. Deep body stimulation and reduced stress are offered by this pair. As soon as the herb’s soothing effect kicks in, fatigue fades as if it never was.

With a pleasant high and a calm physical body, when shared, the feeling is definitely more pleasant. It’s a wonderful experience at small social events with friends, just note that it’s not for consumption outside. Lighting up this bud will appease any tired soul after getting home from a long, tiring day at work. The cognitive flight will take off within a couple of minutes, and optimistic feelings and thoughts will abound. However, the journey doesn’t end there. It is a corporal harmony like no other to complement the psychological exhilaration. You’ll feel like you’ve put every nerve and muscle throughout the body into hibernation.

When reclining on a comfortable sofa or sprawling on the bed, this enthralling physical and mental journey is best enjoyed. Ecstasy will last for hours, but time will easily pass by. Your eyelids would be too heavy to carry before you realize it. It’s no wonder that Chronic Widow is assumed to be just as valuable with parents remembered for their medicinal benefit. When it comes to relieving the effects of a variety of physical and mental medical problems, it is said to be outstanding. This strain can be particularly useful for patients combating anxiety, depression, stress, and tension. The relief would be brief, but it can be immense in its positive impact on a suffering person.

Chronic Widow guarantees either a fast knockout or a slow drift to dreamland, based on how much is taken, with a hefty Indica material. It may be very helpful in warding off exhaustion and insomnia for this reason. It is often said that its structure makes it a perfect herb that is anti-inflammatory. Aches and pains including those induced by asthma, migraine headaches, and eye pressure can be soothed. As with all marijuana strains, certain potentially undesirable effects can result from Chronic Widow. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most common of these, and with adequate hydration and the use of over-the-counter eye drops, both can usually be avoided. Mild anxiety, paranoia, and blurred vision are more significant side effects. THC-sensitive beginners and/or users are more vulnerable, and therefore should consider moving to another strain if the pain persists.

What Growers Need To Know About Chronic Widow Strain

Chronic Widow gains from both of its parents’ best qualities. Since it grows from Sativa seeds, it can develop about 6 feet tall, a naturally long plant, which means it can also yield a greater production of large buds come harvest time. Do remember that it takes experienced hands to take care of it before trying to grow this giant. It will need more cleaning, such as topping, due to its stature. If the buds start to gain weight, it will also be important to stack, cage, and tie the branches.

It is only fair that growers can get the largest yield possible for all the commitment the plant needs. Males do not grow cannabis for consumption and only require it while breeding. Cultivators typically immediately dismiss them, wasting valuable time, money, and space along the way. You can monitor the height of the plant indoors by using smaller pots or by decreasing the light hours, shortening the vegetative period. A Screen of Green setup will also work wonders, and it will flower in 9 weeks if all goes well. Come harvest time, 2.3 to 2.6 ounces per square foot should be ready. The sun-loving plants, Chronic Widows, flourish in a hot Mediterranean climate. Harvest time will arrive by mid to late October for farmers in the polar regions. Expect a yield in the range of 30 to 32 ounces per plant if produced in a favorable environment.

Chronic Widow Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Mediterranean/Sunny
Yield : Indoor 700 – 800 g/m2
Outdoor 850 – 900 gr/plant
Height : 180 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 Weeks
Outdoors mid to late October
Stone : Relaxed, Euphoric
THC level : 23%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds

  1. Avatar for Olivier Sutherland

    Olivier Sutherland

    Very pleasing strain and adventurous. Its a great seed, good yield. A descent plant which everyone loves. I put some led light in the room. Checked the humidity level. Thc level suits me. Thanks for this. I am so happy to have this!

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