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White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A cannabis classic that needs no introduction is the White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This strain is a must-have for both novice and experienced growers because it has THC levels that range from 15% to a strong 25% with a hint of CBD.

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Frequently bought together

White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica
CBG Level
Mediterranean, Slightly Humid, Temperate, Warm
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvesting Time
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Crystal Trichomes, Dense Buds, Proper Ventilation, SOG Technique, Sticky Resin
Taste and Smell
Earthy, Herbal, Pungent, Spicy, Woody
Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting
Camphene, Delta 3 Carene, Myrcene, Phellandrene, Pinene


The White Widow Strain is well known for being adaptable. Its diverse THC levels can meet your needs whether you’re looking for a calming effect or an inspiration boost. White Widow Strain cultivation is simple, even for beginners. It offers an easy-to-manage 8–10 week growing cycle, providing a speedy transition from seed to harvest. The White Widow Strain has earned a legendary reputation in the cannabis community. Furthermore, this strain presents Autoflower and CBD options. To get your hands on White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, check out MJSeedsCanada. They are renowned as one of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada, offering top-notch genetics and excellent customer service. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your own masterpiece with seeds from MJSeedsCanada!

Description of White Widow Strain

This storied cross between South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa has established itself as a classic in the cannabis industry. The perfect blending of two worlds is the White Widow Strain. With a THC level that ranges from 15% to a potent 25%, it is a flexible option for a variety of cannabis enthusiasts. It creates a nice balance between potency and subtlety with a light touch of CBD ranging from 0.5% to 1%.

White Widow Strain, a Sativa-Dominant hybrid, offers a stimulating high that is upbeat and energizing. It serves as your ticket to creativity and enjoyment, with plenty of exhilaration. It’s like walking into a vibrant, sun-drenched paradise of inspiration where every thought is in full bloom. White Widow Strain has your back whether you’re looking for an extra boost to get your day going or a spark of inspiration for creative projects. Its effects are like a soft breeze that uplifts you, making you feel ecstatic and eager to take on the world.

How to Grow White Widow Strain

In temperate, warm, humid, and Mediterranean regions, the White Widow Strain thrives. This versatility guarantees that you can effectively cultivate it in a variety of outdoor situations. The White Widow Strain is known for its quick flowering period, which only requires 8 to 10 weeks to mature. This indicates that it won’t take long for your garden to be decorated with its crystal-coated buds.

The average height of this plant is between 5-8 feet. Most growers can manage this height, which also enables covert cultivation when necessary. While outdoor producers should anticipate a rich harvest of 500 g per plant, indoor farmers can expect a decent output of 300-400 g/m2. These figures highlight both the strain’s yield and the caliber of its buds.

Mid-October is the best time for outdoor cultivators to enjoy the fruits of their White Widow Strain garden. With this scheduling, you may be sure to reap the rewards of your labor just before the colder months arrive. Every cannabis enthusiast should go out on the path of growing the famed White Widow Strain. It’s a great option for both novice and expert growers due to its recognizable genetics and minimal production requirements.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of White Widow Strain

The White Widow Strain offers a symphony of terpenes that produce an unparalleled sensory experience. Together, the scent and flavor components of Myrcene, Delta-3 carene, Camphene, Phellandrene, and Pinene create a complex and alluring aroma and taste profile. You’ll be welcomed by the earthy and woody aromas that are the defining characteristics of White Widow Strain from the very first inhalation. Each puff brings a sense of peace and tranquility, like entering a peaceful woodland.

You’ll find herbaceous and pungent undertones as you go farther into the experience, which offer complexity and depth. Every sip becomes an adventure because of these subtleties, which are like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. White Widow Strain doesn’t fall short in terms of looks. Its massive buds are lavishly covered with crystal trichomes, making for a chilly display that is both alluring and inviting. Your allies in raising these gorgeous buds are proper ventilation and the Sea of Green (SOG) method.


10 reviews for White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Étienne Gilbert

    Étienne Gilbert

    Wow! very good production and great taste. Excellent strain fast, productive and with an aroma and flavor appreciated by all. I love the effects it keeps me super relaxed. and baked. the looks of it is a beauty. Will definitely be running a few more.

  2. Avatar for Gaetan Barrière

    Gaetan Barrière

    I am totally fulfilled !! Awesome seed and germination rate, incredible variety. It’s truly cushioned and resembles there’s more than there truly is. A decent weed for the day since it gives a durable high. Totally recommendable!

  3. Avatar for DHubbard


    Exceptional variety! Besides, it is a fairly stable variety with a very appreciable yield. Prominent earthy taste when smoked, accompanied by tasty pine or citrus notes. Very good smoke!

  4. Avatar for Peverell Vaillancourt

    Peverell Vaillancourt

    It was a pleasure to grow this White Widow Feminized I’m too intrigued with the consistency and nature of this strain. Simple strain to grow she’s definitely an eye pleaser. Great strain to grow, I would highly recommend White Widow Feminized MJ Seeds Canada…

  5. Avatar for Oliver Marchesseault

    Oliver Marchesseault

    Truly dazzled by this plant, however not by the impact. Extremely simple to grow strain and can deal with a significant stun. She has a pleasant fresh fruity smell to her, particularly during harvest and the most recent long stretches of blossom. Definitely a strain which you can enjoy the best after a good cure.

  6. Avatar for Andrew Chan

    Andrew Chan

    Amazing buds, frosty colas everywhere! Was really happy with the yields I got, very easy strain to grow. It was just a tad bit inconsistent since some seeds didn’t sprout, but it was probably an error on my part. 10/10!!

  7. Avatar for Manuel Cooper

    Manuel Cooper

    Pleasant variety to grow during flowering period it delivers a excellent aroma..the blossoms are thick and become close along the branches. Unquestionably an extraordinary strain in the event that you have something to do, yet be prepared, you won’t understand when the indica impacts will kick in. Strongly suggest!

  8. Avatar for Willie Brown

    Willie Brown

    Awesome strain in everything simple grow energy unbelievable resistance to pest and have with a delightful and complex flavor. Noteworthy to grow, little however stacked with bud and crystals and an interesting buzz and smell, totally different than numerous different strains. The smoke is a spotless light smoke, seldom gives that unpleasant effect in the rear of your throat. Would greatly recommend it.

  9. Avatar for Jeff Anthony Lutzi

    Jeff Anthony Lutzi

    I have been ordering from M. J. for about 10 years. Last year I ordered from another Co. only because that strain was not available from M. J. Terrible idea ! Only 2 seeds germinated and the yield was not much. This ruined half my grow season. ” I’m back baby “.

  10. Avatar for David dennis

    David dennis (verified owner)

    Another of my favs from mj seed. I’ve been purchasing the same two strains for a decade: white widow and purple haze. The high doesn’t last as long as the haze but has a great medicinal value

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