Regular Marijuana Seeds

Of all the cannabis seeds we have in our store, nothing matches the popularity of Regular cannabis seeds! Come and get your favorite photoperiod strains from our large catalog of regular seeds. All our cannabis seeds are of the best quality, fast-growing, good viability rates, and fresh as the day they were packed. We can guarantee successful germination as long as you follow our easy germination steps. Whether you’re looking for regular strains that will grow indoors, outdoors, or inside a greenhouse, we have it all. Order your seeds now.

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What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that will grow into photoperiod plants. The word “photoperiod” means that these plants are dependent on the amount of light they get to bloom. Regular strains will require a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to bloom. If you are unable to complete this regimen, your plants will revert to the growing phase.

You can’t tell the gender of regular cannabis until these plants reach the pre-flowering stage. Regular plants are mostly used by people who would like to grow cannabis seeds as you need both male and female plants to make seeds. Regular strains are also used by breeders to create new strains as you need male and female plants to make new strains of cannabis.

Why are growers looking for regular cannabis seeds?

As we mentioned before, breeders use regular cannabis to make new plants, and growers who want to grow seeds use photoperiod plants as well. Other reasons to grow regular seeds are as follows:

  • Regular cannabis plants improve your growing skills

Indeed, regular plants will help you improve your skills. You’ll be growing indoor or outdoor plants and recreational or medicinal strains. There are high CBD and high THC regular strains to choose from.

  • Regular cannabis plants are best for breeding great cannabis plants

Regular cannabis plants will provide the best genes to pass on to their offspring. This is what breeders are looking for.

  • Regular cannabis plants will grow the best seeds

If you are growing cannabis seeds as your supply, using regular seeds will help you grow the top quality seeds with the best genetics.

Are there special techniques to cultivate regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis is photoperiod plants which means that these rely on the amount of light and darkness it gets to bloom. This is why regular plants need a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to bloom.

We recommend growing regular cannabis indoors as you will be able to control the amount of light your plants receive. Indoor growth also helps you monitor your plants better. You can check your growing area’s temperature and humidity and adjust these in case of any problems.

Regular plants require the best indoor lighting. Use LED or CFL lighting plus reflectors to provide the best coverage to reach all the bud sites. And if you’re giving your plants nutrients, please use organic nutrients that match your plant’s growing phase. Cannabis in the vegetative stage has a different set of nutrients than flowering cannabis plants so you must be very careful.

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