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Get ready to grow your weed like never before when you use fast version cannabis seeds. We have the best quality, very potent, and fresh fast version seeds ready for you. If you’re looking for quick harvests and can’t wait to taste your weed then this is the one for you. Check out our large collection of fast version seeds, only the best for medicinal and recreational use. We also have great deals on seeds such as free seeds and free delivery so hurry and buy your seeds now.

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What are fast version cannabis seeds?

Fast version cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds that will produce fast version plants. These are so-called because these will grow and harvest quickly compared to regular strains. Fast version plants are also regular, photoperiod plants and this means it will need a special lighting schedule with 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period. What’s different with fast version strains is that these will harvest quicker than most strains usually one to two weeks earlier.

Fast version strains are often compared to automatic cannabis strains. Although there are some similarities like their fast growth, the two vary in their life stages. Automatic cannabis strains will bloom faster while harvest times depend on the readiness of the plant. Meanwhile, fast version strains will flower at the usual time but will only remain in the blooming stage for a very short time.

Why many choose fast version seeds?

Many cannabis growers are realizing the value of fast version strains and are now using this type of seeds for their recreational or medicinal cannabis growing activities.

  • Fast version seeds can give you great weed quicker than most strains

Fast version strains are indeed the best strains for those who want to profit earlier from their weed. You will grow cannabis plants quicker and hence, harvest quicker whether you’re growing recreational or medicinal weed.

  • Fast version seeds are great for those living in colder places

Colder regions will only have a short time to grow cannabis and thus, will benefit a lot from using fast version cannabis seeds as these have very short life spans.

  • Fast version seeds will benefit people who are growing weed for medicine

If you grow your medicinal cannabis then fast version strains will help you grow your supply quicker and a lot easier. No need to go to a dispensary to get your medicinal weed.

Are there any special techniques to grow fast version cannabis?

Fast version seeds should be exposed to a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to stimulate flowering. As this should be strictly followed, it’s hard to maintain a straight 12-hour dark period outdoors. Therefore, it’s best to cultivate fast version strains indoors.

You have an option to cultivate your plants in soil or hydroponics. If you’re growing in soil, use organic soil which is rich in nutrients and organic ingredients. Always provide nutrients that fit your plants’ growing stage as cannabis in the vegetative stage needs a different set of nutrients than plants in the flowering phase. 

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