Forbidden Fruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Forbidden Fruit Feminized weed strain is a very versatile, all-around type of strain that does not stick to just one profile! This indica-dominant hybrid has a lot going on in its tastes, smells, effects, and even growing behavior. By mixing in some Purple Punch, GG#4, and Hippie Kush with a strain of Strawberry Banana, this beautiful hybrid will start splurging out some intense flavors of fruitiness and tang. And while it isn’t as highly regarded as some of the other strains in the market, this Forbidden Fruit Feminized surely has what it takes to catch the cannabis community by storm!

Smokers of this tantalizing hybrid are going to have their minds popping with some very relaxing buzzes in the head. As the high turns more towards giving a very dreamy and cloudy vibe to your body, you are going to find yourself completely under a trance of pure bliss!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Forbidden Fruit Feminized?

The array of flavors that you will get from this Forbidden Fruit Feminized are surely going to delight every taste bud in your tongue. As the richness of the fruity and citrus notes coat your mouth with thick smoke, you will be surprised at how bold each flavor is. It will be easy to pick up the bursts of citrus and cherries from its parent strains. In addition to that, enticing notes of earthiness and pine form in the taste.

As far as being smooth goes, this strain really does offer a very creamy texture in its hits. When you inhale the smoke that is filled with all these flavors, you will rarely feel any harshness that burns the throat. Instead, the smoke is perfectly balanced in between each of the flavors. This gives an amazing quality in each hit followed by an addicting aftertaste that leaves itself in the mouth!

For an indica-leaning hybrid, the effects of this Forbidden Fruit Feminized strain tend to hit you rather quickly! After just a few quick tokes out of these blazed-up buds, you are going to feel a very heavy and tranquil sensation cover your entire body. Your whole head will start feeling a mounting pressure that induces some very cloudy and light vibes in the mind.

The relaxing buzzes don’t stop there. From your head, these therapeutic massages move down to your body and keep it nice and comfortable for an extended period of time. Along with all the highly calming and sedating qualities, that classic kick of euphoria will also start lifting your mood and help you unwind from stress. All the while staying tightly tucked into your couches, you will also be surrounded by all these vibrant thoughts that make you feel a lot happier!

What are the Medical Benefits of Forbidden Fruit Feminized?

With this Forbidden Fruit, you are bound to get a lot more than just some enjoyable recreational highs. This strain also comes with a plethora of medical applications that can treat both physical and mental conditions! Physical pain levels and other tensions in your body will instantly feel relieved through the anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects of Forbidden Fruit. Some frequently stated uses of this strain are for the purpose of treating chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasms, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, and lower back pains.

On another note, you can also use some of this Forbidden Fruit marijuana strain to help keep your mindset in the right place and get rid of any mentally challenging issues and mood disorders. The uplifting high, along with the dreamy state of mind that makes your head feel a lot lighter and loose, will definitely prove to be useful for a number of cerebral complications. This strain could help you release any stress and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Traumatic disorders like PTSD will also benefit from the way that this strain keeps your mind constantly focused and elevated. Of course, we are not going to ignore the sedating effects that could potentially treat insomnia, as well.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Forbidden Fruit Feminized

There is going to be very minimal to no cases of psychedelic activity in your head whatsoever when under the influence of this strain. This significantly reduces the chances of having to feel any paranoia and nervousness if you are not a seasoned smoker of weed. This strain will practically ease you into the high without stunning you with over-the-top mind and body buzzes so it will be quite easy to avoid these circumstances.

Two side effects that you will have to look out for are dry eyes and cottonmouth, which you are probably already familiar with. Falling victim to these sensations is commonly linked with being dehydrated during the time that you smoke these buds. You can remedy them by either drinking a glass of water to make your mouth feel a lot more moisturized or by using some eye drops to reduce the redness and dryness in your eyes.

How to Grow Forbidden Fruit Feminized

In order to successfully grow your own batch of Forbidden Fruit Feminized cannabis seeds, we advise you, growers, to first gain a moderate amount of experience in weed cultivation. This strain tends to require a more controlled environment where the lighting patterns that it is exposed to are well-maintained. Providing this will allow the colas to realize their full capacity in the production of healthy weed buds. Outdoor growing is possible only if your areas are exposed to constant dryness and warmth in the temperatures. Otherwise, you will want to have these seeds placed under an indoor growing area with a lot of lighting sources.

But considering all the factors, this strain is practically great in resisting the development of molds and other types of diseases which could harm the plants. You can stick to your basic but ample schedules and amounts in feeding as these plants won’t be extremely nutrient-hungry. Flowering takes roughly around 8 to 10 weeks but may take a while longer than most indica strains. The yields measure up to 400g to 500g per square meter indoors and 500g per plant outdoors.


Forbidden Fruit Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (80%), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Purple Punch x GG#4 x Hippie Kush x Strawberry Banana
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean, Sunny
Yield: 400g to 500g/m² indoors and 500g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Citrus, Berry, Cherries, Earthy, Pine
THC Level: 24%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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