Purple Punch Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Purple Punch Marijuana Seeds is a 23% elevated THC Indica-dominant marijuana strain. It is a high-yielding strain that produces 450 to 550 gr/m2 indoors and 500 to 600 gr/plant outdoors. It will flourish with apple, berry, orange, oak, aromatic, grape, and pineapple flavor buds in just 6 weeks.

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Purple Punch Strain Characteristics

Purple Punch comes with a unique scent that is quite remarkable; there is no doubt that this scented flower is the descendant of Granddaddy Purple, bursting out vibrant hints of sweet grape. This one is going to be too much for you if you are not a lover of sweet buds, as it carries a unique combination of sweet and sugary tones with a combination of caramelized berries and spicy pineapple to the stage. You are immediately hit with oaky, blueberry tones that are mouth-wateringly enticing after splitting this bud: the ideal choice for those who are not too focused on extremely heavy skunky buds and choose a flower tasting dessert.

Purple Punch tastes sweet, just like the scent, with those berry and grape flavors as the first one to reach after inhaling, before eventually turning into a dank and rich haze that is almost tart and lemon in essence. The smoothness is both smooth and sweet on exhale, consisting of sour skittles and sugared berries. This colorful flower is a sight to behold, providing purple GDP hues and a vivid green that for an amazing growth has big, closely packed fuzzy nugs and a rich covering of icy trichomes. Purple Punch, despite its reputation, provides a variety of colors from violet to green, yellow, or even orange pistils that perfectly match the flower. Purple Punch is certainly a lovely bud to grow due to its great variety of anthocyanins.

Purple Punch Strain Effects

With a name like a punch, an encounter “in your face” can be expected. It begins with the familiar drowsiness behind the eyeballs and spinning like a welcoming warm hug from an old friend around your brain bucket. When you wake after the deep good sleep provided following the famous Indica body anesthesia, this wonderfully budded strain is certain to become one of your oldest mates. The results are the ideal balance of calming and practical when it comes to Purple Punch, making it perfect for those seeking an enormous high or therapeutic relaxation. Purple Punch is not known to be a couch-locking strain considering its Indica origin when taken in the proper medication. Rather, with a euphoric and concentrated undertone, the bud produces a mild sedative effect that is often considered to be soothing and reflective. The physical and mental melting that arrives with this flower will help all patients who suffer from depression, insomnia, stress, or exhaustion. The high of Purple Punch, beginning in the brain, spread into the heart across the body and then into your legs and arms as you almost immediately feel pressure and stress relief. It is because of the capacity of this bud to easily alleviate stress and pain that it has established itself as a great pain reliever for many, with those dealing with muscle contractions and severe fatigue reaching the functional high provided by this bud. With a super-strong high that takes hold rapidly and lasts for hours, it is a helpful relief for patients undergoing cancer treatment that can not only relieve stress and worry but also deals with discomfort, nausea, and loss of appetite. Purple Punch will certainly bring some insatiable munchies with you, so be equipped at all times with snacks.

What Growers Need To Know About Purple Punch Strain

Those who get the chance to grow Purple Punch for themselves, generally considered to be a troublesome strain to get hold of, should do so with caution. The need for some knowledge with this bud is likely to be of medium difficulty as there are unique skills needed to avoid mold and poor growth.

Purple Punch thrives in humid, hot temperatures, and so it will be important for anyone cultivating this bud indoors to have high-powered lights and a good heating system. Growers aiming for outdoor production will need Mediterranean weather in order to get the most in this bud, with harvest season being around mid-late October. This beauty of a bud has a fairly hearty immunity to mites due to its tough lineage, but growers must watch for items like caterpillars that can put on mold. Purple Punch offers a medium to high yield when adequately grown, and those trying to bring out those violet colors may want to allocate the plant to colder climates around the flowering point. In 7-8 weeks, she flowers, so growers will not have to wait too long to reap the rewards of their labor. A perfect way to achieve the highest possible yield from a small growing area is to grow the “Sea of Green” technique. This strategy involves growing up to a dozen or more plants in a tight room, allowing them to flip to the flowering stage in the vegetative state for two weeks or less. The effect is a fast harvest of lots of buds. The concept behind this is that this strain can work well in indoor areas such as tents and closet areas in carefully looked after environmental factors. To keep airflow hitting the lower part of the plant so that no molds or fungi grow, perform daily trimming.

Purple Punch Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 450-550 g/m2
Outdoor 500 -600 gr/plant
Height : Medium
Flowering : Indoors 7-8 weeks
Outdoors late October
Stone : Euphoric, Relaxed
THC level : 23%
Grow : Moderate

1 review for Purple Punch Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Enza Siciliani

    Enza Siciliani

    Purple Punch,one of my favorites now. The effects punches your head. Really a satisfying blowing effect. Love it. Growing it was never really hard. Got supply it some nutrients too, so It grow amazingly. Want to buy more of them.

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