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Why You Should Grow Weed Instead of Buying It: Longterm

Why You Should Grow Weed Instead of Buying It: Longterm

Use weed for recreational or medicinal purposes? If so, you’re part of a rapidly growing group of cannabis connoisseurs. The level of sales with both medical and adult-use weed is projected to reach at least $33 Billion by the end of 2022. That’s a huge chunk of change for weed retailers and large-scale cultivators, but it also means everyday people are shelling out a lot of hard-earned cash for their cannabis. 

If you’re fairly certain weed will be commonplace in your days for the long term, it may be a good idea to consider growing your own. In fact, growing your weed vs buying your weed at a dispensary comes along with quite a few perks. And, there is more knowledge about cannabis cultivation available than ever, perfectly accessible online. Check out the top reasons why you should grow your weed instead of buying your good green from a dispensary. 

1. Save Money in the Long Run 

Saving money is the number one reason why people switch from buying weed to growing it. The fact is, if you use weed regularly, you can spend a small fortune at your local dispensary day after day. The average cost of weed from a dispensary across the 18 legal states is between $5 and $20 per gram. If you smoke or use a gram a day, you could be spending between $150 and $600 per month, easily. And, if you go for top-dollar premium varieties, you could easily spend far more. 

Growing your own is a smart long-term plan if you intend to use cannabis regularly. You can face a small up-front investment for growing supplies, seeds, soil amendments, and lighting. However, most of this stuff can be used for several growing cycles and grant you an impressive amount of weed for the price. In other words, you could take one month of what you would normally spend at a dispensary and get the basic grow setup up and going, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor for several months with a successful harvest. 

2. You Get to Know Your Plants and Gain Control 

There’s something to be said for having control over the weed you intend to consume. Sure, cannabis dispensaries offer some impressive flower options and a lot of different cultivars. However, when you don’t grow the weed yourself, you’re at the mercy of the grower. Whatever growing methods the big grower used, whatever cultivars they chose to produce, and even what nutrients or chemicals were used on the plant are out of your control. 

When you grow your own weed, you get to control everything from start to finish. From the time you germinate your seed, the fate and quality of the plant are in your hands. This means everything from nutrients used for the grow to your preferred method of drying and curing is all up to you. You will get to know your plant up close and personal because you will be tending it and nurturing it daily.

In the end, this means you develop a deeper appreciation for the weed you use because you know exactly what it took to get it in your hands. However, this also means you know exactly what you are using—no questions about quality or what is in the final product.  

3. Grow an Abundance of Weed with Just a Bit of Effort 

Guess how much usable weed you can get from one well-tended cannabis plant?  You can expect half a pound of bud (224 grams) from an outdoor plant and a quarter-pound of bud (112 grams) from an indoor plant. That’s an impressive amount of weed! 

Of course, a lot of factors determine your yields, such as genetics, soil conditions, fertilizers used, and even sunlight. Nevertheless, you will basically be taking a tiny, humble cannabis seed, nurturing that seed until it becomes a plant, and then harvesting a lot of weed for personal use over the course of a few months. 

To put this into perspective, a single joint can contain about a third of a gram. If you smoked three joints per day (1 gram), one indoor plant’s yield could potentially last you for over three months. You could easily grow a few plants a year and get all the cannabis you need for the entire year. 

4. You’re Free to Grow Weed in a Lot of States 

Now that cannabis is legal in a lot of states, many states allow people to grow their own. So, if you’ve ever skipped out on trying your hand at growing weed for fear of legal woes, there’s no time like the present to revisit the laws in your state. Just make sure you know what’s legal in your specific state. 

Several states allow you to grow your own medical weed, including Arizona, New Mexico, Vermont, Michigan, California, and Maine, to name just a few. Some states also allow you to grow your own for recreational purposes.

Keep in mind that you will see different regulations in different states in terms of how many plants you can grow, where you can grow them, and even how you handle the excess weed you won’t use after a grow. So get familiar with your state’s cannabis laws before you get started to make sure you stay on the right side of the law.  

5. Growing Your Own Can Become a Beloved Hobby 

Ask anyone who has ever grown a few plants and there is a good chance you will see their eyes light up. The fact is, there is something incredibly rewarding about growing your own medicine or recreation. And, it is oh-so-easy to be completely captivated and enthralled as you watch that little seed grow into one of the most beautifully unique plants imaginable. 

A lot of people step into growing weed just to get the experience or see if they can do it. However, a lot of those very same people find growing cannabis to be so rewarding that it becomes a beloved hobby. There are so many ways to manipulate the growing process and see a different outcome in terms of yield, flavor, and even potency. 

Growing your own means you get to experiment with different techniques and gauge all the outcomes. For example, you can try offering certain nutrients to encourage terpene production, experiment with sugar watering to encourage growth, and even try taking your own clones. There is also a huge community built around growing cannabis and sharing experiences can be a fun way to learn and get to know fellow growers. You’ll catch a lot of fellow growers on community forums like those hosted by 420 Magazine and Grasscity

Growing Your Own Weed vs Buying It – Final Thoughts 

Growing your own weed can sound intimidating, but just like growing anything else, you will learn so much in the process. There are far too many perks to overlook the fact that growing your own may be something everyone should try at least once. You may discover a newfound appreciation for cannabis, a new way to save yourself a TON of money, and a new hobby you will love to talk about. 

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