Here are some common questions that any marijuana grower would want to ask. We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds that we have for sale. If you can’t find the question that you want to ask, please let us know.

How many seeds of indoor/outdoor marijuana strains should I buy for the size of my grow area?

It depends on how many plants your grow area can handle. As a grower, you need to know how many your grow area can handle and how many plants you would want to grow. Make sure that you have enough space for each plant so that you can get the desired yield.

Why should I buy indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds?

You can buy indoor marijuana seeds only or outdoor marijuana seeds only but if you are still unsure about your growing area, then you can go for the indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds which can yield very well in both grow environments. Indoor and outdoor marijuana growers prefer indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds because they have a complete control to where they can grow their seeds.

Is buying from an online seedbank like MJSeedsCanada safe?

Yes, it is safe to buy marijuana seeds from our online seed store. We offer discrete shipping to our Canada and worldwide customers. It is too discrete that even your mailman won’t know what you just ordered. We use Canada couriers thus you are assured that the items that you will order from us will arrive to you.

Do you provide free marijuana seeds when I order your indoor/outdoor cannabis seeds?

Yes, we do provide free marijuana seeds for orders more than $420 excluding shipping fees. If you order feminized marijuana seeds, then we will send you free feminized weed seeds. The free seeds that we will send you will come in different strains so that you can try some of the best marijuana strains that we have for sale.

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