Fast Version CBD Cannabis Seeds

Cant’ wait to get your medicinal cannabis? Now, you don’t need to wait anymore when you have fast version CBD. We have the best and the most in-demand fast version CBD strains online. Check out our catalog for the best strains packed fresh and ready to grow. We know what you want in fast version seeds and we have these for you. Come and order your fast version CBD seeds and harvest your weed fast. Also, take advantage of our free seeds and free shipment for qualified orders.

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What are fast version CBD cannabis seeds?

Fast version CBD seeds are seeds that will grow into plants that will harvest faster than any other cannabis strains you know. The secret to fast version strains is its ability to be ready for harvest in just 8 weeks or less. And of course, the faster you can harvest, the sooner you can take your medicinal cannabis.

Don’t forget that fast version CBD strains are highly-medicinal strains as well. These come with very high CBD, the cannabinoid compound that makes cannabis very therapeutic. CBD is cannabidiol, having high CBD in a strain means that it will not give you any psychoactive effects. People who use marijuana as medicine use high CBD strains as they need weed with less or absent psychoactive effects.

Why are growers loving fast version CBD seeds?

Fast version CBD seeds have all the properties that medicinal growers are looking for. Here are some of the reasons why growers are happy with fast version seeds.

  • It takes only a short time to grow fast version seeds

The fastest fast version strain will be ready in just 8 weeks, sometimes 9 weeks.

  • You can grow medicinal cannabis no matter where you are

Fast version seeds will let you grow medicinal strains at home, no need to buy medicinal weed from a dispensary.

  • People who live in colder regions can grow medicinal cannabis

Even people who live in a cold region with limited sunlight can grow fast version strains.

  • You will save money in the long run

Save money as your plants will be ready for harvest early. Also, you’ll save more money since you don’t need to buy your medical cannabis from a dispensary.

Are there special techniques to grow fast version CBD seeds?

Fast version CBD seeds will grow medicinal cannabis plants and thus you must cultivate your plants indoors to get the best results. When growing your plants indoors, you need to consider your growing environment especially temperature, humidity, and lighting.

Fast version cannabis strains are also photoperiod strains and this means, you need to expose your plants to a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark period to flower. If you overlook this schedule, your plants may revert to the growing phase.

We strongly recommend using nutrients and this must be chosen well as plants in the vegetative phase require a different set of nutrients than plants that are in the blooming phase. And finally, always check for pests, molds, and plant diseases. Fast version CBD strains grow very quickly and thus, these plants can’t afford any pests and mold attacks.

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