There are questions that any indoor grower would want to ask before buying indoor cannabis seeds. We try to answer some of the most common questions below:

How many indoor weed seeds should I buy that is just right for my grow area?
The grower should consider the size of the cannabis plants. The marijuana strain information that you can find in our website should give you an idea of whether or not the plants are suitable for the size of your grow area or grow room you have. You should know how large the plants will get and how far apart the plants should be spaced.

Which indoor cannabis seeds are best for my growing situation?
The answer will depend on what you want to get from your marijuana plants. The description and information about the different indoor marijuana strains that you can find in our website should provide you with the grow time, yield, effect, and THC potency. Take a look at that information and ask yourself to whether or not a certain indoor marijuana strain fits your preferences and expectations.

Is it safe and secure to order indoor marijuana seeds from the internet?
Buying indoor cannabis seeds on the internet from Canada is a simple and safe process. We offer discrete shipping and even the mailman or your neighbors won’t know what you have ordered.

Why should I grow marijuana seeds indoors?
Growing indoor marijuana seeds will let you have a full control of your cannabis plants. Unlike with outdoor marijuana growing where you have a lot of things to consider like animals, mites, diseases, uncontrollable weather and environment, and a lot more. The success of your indoor ganja growing depends on having the right lighting, soil, nutrients, and growing technique. Growing from seeds is easy when you buy the seeds from a quality online shop like us. We offer possible discount weed prices that can fit your budget. We even offer free seeds as a form of gratitude for trusting us.

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