Autoflower High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Come and browse our large collection of Auto CBD seeds. These are top cannabis seeds preferred by medical growers and breeders. We have the freshest and the best quality Auto CBD seeds and many other cannabis seeds for you. All our seeds have been carefully handpicked for quality and viability. Follow our easy step by step germination technique to get the best results. And for great savings, take advantage of our free delivery offers and free seeds for qualified orders on all seeds.

What are Auto CBD seeds?

Auto CBD seeds will grow automatic cannabis plants with high CBD content. These seeds are the best of both worlds as you will enjoy growing an automatic plant and get the best medicinal results as this contains high levels of CBD. Auto CBD plants will bloom weed with great therapeutic properties. You can use this weed for pain, anxiety, stress, seizures, insomnia, inflammation, and many more.

Meanwhile, all automatic strains are guaranteed easy to grow even for beginners. These plants will bloom early in just 7 to 9 weeks. These plants are smaller but no doubt perfect for indoor or stealth growing. If growing cannabis is not permitted in your area then you must choose automatic cannabis seeds for stealth indoor cultivation.

Why use Auto CBD seeds?

A lot of medicinal growers turn to auto CBD seeds as this kind of cannabis seeds has a lot of advantages over other types of seeds.

  • You can grow medicinal cannabis even in a small space

Medicinal cannabis is hard to find and with auto CBD seeds, you can grow your supply even when you live in a small apartment, condo, or dormitory. These plants are so small, no one would suspect you’re growing weed in a small cabinet or closet!

  • You can cultivate any strain of medical cannabis

You can grow all kinds of medical cannabis. Choose from different strains we have in our large catalog.

  • No need to rely on dispensaries for your medical supply

Forget about buying your weed from medical dispensaries. No need to buy in person or online because you will have your supply at home.

  • You’ll save money in the long run

Save money with quick-growing plants and save money from growing your medical cannabis supply.

Some tips to grow Auto CBD seeds

Automatic cannabis plants are a joy to growers as these do not need a special lighting schedule to bloom. Unlike photoperiod or regular strains that require a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark light schedule, auto plants will bloom when they are mature and this is usually 7 or 9 weeks after germination.

As these plants grow fast, these need special organic nutrients to grow healthier and produce better yields. Consider an indoor growing setup as you will be able to better monitor your plants. Remember that you’re growing cannabis for medicine, you need to keep your growing area clean and sanitized.

Grow your plants on hydroponics and always provide nutrients that match your plants’ growing stage. Always monitor the temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions of your growing area and correct any problems as soon as possible.

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