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Why Buying and Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds are Good?

Growing regular marijuana seeds will give you both male and female plants that will have a chance of pollinating each other when the male ones are not immediately removed from the garden. Yes, it is a good idea to buy and grow feminized pot seeds if you want very potent buds and high yield. As we all know that only female plants will produce buds to smoke. It is easier to grow feminized marijuana seeds because you do not have to worry about male plants pollinating the females. There is less hassle on the part of the grower because you do not have to monitor any growth of male weed plants. You can be sure of high potency when you grow female marijuana plants because all of the plants’ energy will only be used to produce buds and not for pollination.
How feminized marijuana seeds are produced?
Many marijuana enthusiasts prefer to grow feminized pot seeds because of the benefits of having potent buds and large yield. But before you buy feminized cannabis seeds, it would be good to know what feminized seeds are, how these seeds are produced and how to grow them so you will have the most out of these seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are produced through the use of some chemicals. Breeders are using silver nitrate which is then diluted with water. The solution will be sprayed to the marijuana plants during the flowering cycle. Doing this process will induce the female plants to produce small male flowers in their premature buds. Growing feminized marijuana seeds will grow into 99% female plants. Grow them in a suitable growing environment and avoid any stress. The stress on female plants may turn them into hermaphrodites (with male traits).
It is really necessary to purchase pot seeds from a seed bank?
To have a wide array of options of different pot strains and to get quality marijuana seeds, buy from a reliable seed bank/seed company. It is actually not necessary that you buy feminized pot seeds from a top seedbank. You can get seeds from a local supplier but quality is not assured. For feminized seeds that can grow into all female plants, there are a lot of factors involved. Make sure the plants will receive the right intensity and proper spectrum of light, regular supply of water and enough nutrients. Supply the feminized pot seeds with more amount of nitrogen as this will produce more female plants. Lower the temperature to increase the chances of producing more female plants. Factors such as light, temperature and nutrients will affect the gender of the weed plants.

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