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What Kind of Marijuana Seeds are Best for Growing Cannabis Indoors?

With the efforts of many pot breeders around the world, a lot of hybrid marijuana types are now widely available in the market. Pot seeds are classified into two main groups- the sativas and the indicas. However, several breeders and marijuana enthusiasts are crossbreeding different pot strains to improve features- the potency, plant’s growth, vigor and amount of yield at harvest time.
Growers who want to cultivate marijuana indoors prefer to have an indica type because indica ganja plants are known to maintain a short to medium stature which can go well in a confined space. Aside from the fact that most indica types contain more chlorophyll and grow faster than sativas, an indica marijuana plant is mostly favored by indoor growers because of its stocky but short stature that can fit in with an indoor garden having such a limited space. Growing indica pot seeds will not consume too much space. It is also easy to grow which makes it a good strain for beginners.
What are some of the pot seed strains that can best grow in an indoor garden?
Among the marijuana seed strains that are best to grow in an indoor garden set-up are Lowryder, Amsterdam Indica, Crystal Rain and the strongest weed in the world which is the White Widow marijuana seeds. Most indica marijuana seeds originated from Morocco, Tibet and Afghanistan. Indica types of marijuana seeds are mostly favored because they grow so fast and they can flower injust around 6 to 8 weeks. The growth and the height of the weed plants that are grown indoors can also be influenced with different growing factors such as light, ventilation, temperature and humidity level. For a successful pot indoor growing project, ensure that all cannabis plants are able to receive the right light spectrum and intensity, proper amount of nutrients and adequate water supply.
Why feminized cannabis seeds are favored by many growers?
Female cannabis plants are the ones that will produce buds for smoking. Aside from the ease of growing in which there is no need to identify and take the male plants out from the garden, growing feminized pot seeds are preferred by many growers because of excellent bud production. Marijuana plants that are not pollinated are the ones that will produce the most potent buds. Feminized seeds are known to be more productive and they are also easy to grow because you do not have to worry about some male plants pollinating them. Avoid stressing the female plants so no hermaphrodites will develop.

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