Shipping Types

$10.00 Regular Shipping
(7 to 14 days North America and Up to 21 Days Overseas)
(7 to 25 days to Australia Or New Zealand)
(3 to 7 days approx depending on large centers or rurals towns)
Regular Shipping

$30.00 Canada Post Express (Comes with Tracking)
2 business days for Western Canada, 3 to 5 business days for Eastern Canada and Territories.
$30.00 Express Registered with Tracking. (Guaranteed Insurance Delivery)
(7 to 14 days North America and Up to 21 Days Overseas)

Since importing seeds to some countries can be difficult where 5% might get seized,
we will reship your order if it does not arrive. This shipping option guarantees your seeds order.

Birthday Card


$60.00 Express Registered with Tracking.
(7 to 14 days)(Guaranteed Insurance Delivery)

Australia and New Zealand can be difficult to ship to.
This insurance allows us to reship if your order is not delivered.
Your order will be shipped inside one of the following items.

shipping types

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