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Blue Dream is a sweet flavored and fragrant strain, consisting of fresh blueberries. It is a very strong medical strain that has many consequences, such as pain management and anxiety, which can aim to develop feelings of satisfaction and well-being. It’s a very common strain, and it’s a staple strain in the medical community.

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Blue Dream Characteristics

Blue Dream marijuana is mainly known for its unusual and surprising taste and aroma. When you get a taste of this strain for the first time, prepare to be overcome by a delicious and delicious fruity taste, as well as youthful nostalgia for those of us who grew up picking berries throughout the summer. The Blue Dream strain doesn’t stop there, however with hints of sharp, oaky sandalwood, fresh citrus, and even grape and fruity sweetness. It reflects the vibrant blend of quality of both its parents – Blueberry and Haze. The scent of Blue Dream is always hard-hitting and pungent, so don’t assume it to be a strain that merely seems like “regular old marijuana in a jar.” While Blue Dream leaves traces of smell everywhere you go this is actually a great feeling knowing you’ll get the most from your height. Appearance-wise, the Blue Dream herb is distinguished by looks that, surprisingly enough, do not reassure one of the fresh blueberries. Instead, you can expect rich-green, often sage-colored buds, with yellow and orange pistils and frosty, fully THC-coated trichomes. The water leaves of Blue Dream vary from orange to brown to deep green in color, depending on the particular distinct species of Blue Dream that you cultivate, as well as the conditions under which your crop is grown.

Blue Dream Effects

The popular chill Blue Dream is renowned for its full-body stimulation. Fans of the strain love it because of its delicate way of inducing a relaxed sort of elation, making it very easy for newbies to indulge themselves. Another result is the sensation of gentle cerebral reawakening, a quality that makes it perfect as a day-starter. Blue Dream marijuana strain seems to have a range of effects, making it a potential and easily-lovable alternative for almost any form of a smoker. Usually, the strain is sold as a highest level herb since its clean genes and results that work on just about everyone makes it an amazing choice for a myriad of purposes. Blue Dream makes an extraordinary day-to-day cannabis strain, perfect for pre-work smoke to focus and plan for your long day forward. Take a snap of this herb midday uplift and re-energize you – in fact, most people say it works much better than a whole day cup of coffee. Blue Dream is probably not a good idea if you’re sleeping at night late at night, but if you’re looking to go out for the evening to hang out with your acquaintances or party, then this ought to be your way back; a very fun way to socialize, party, or just hang out with a couple of your best buddies. Its feel-good qualities enhance happy vibrations, as well as promoting a general sense of motivation and a desire to be imaginative. It’s the perfect companion for brainstorming activities, particularly in a team environment, as it can help spark fresh and wild comments and insights. This makes it perfect for someone working in the creative sector who wants a little motivation.

What Growers Need To Know

Although the Blue Dream marijuana strain can potentially develop marijuana in a variety of environments and temperatures, it is essential to provide the proper nutrients and care to your nuggets if you actually intend to develop a quality crop. In addition to the extensive amounts of freshwater – will guarantee that your nugs turn out to be safe and pleasant, going to make you happy and grateful in exchange. Blue Dream has been defined as being one of the heaviest drinking strains of cannabis, so expect to provide several tons of water to your crops every single day. Even if you’re going to have to deal with a fairly slow flowering period, as described above what allows Blue Dream weed so unique is its immaculately large yield and its high-potency buds.

Qualified, skilled growers should expect from 500-600 grams of fresh ganja per plant to grow their plants outdoors. If you’re rising inside, expect about the same amount per square meter (m2). At first, it seems as though your Blue Dream weed takes a long time to get going, and then when the crop reaches the flowering point, you’ll see the branches grow and meet the sky, with their total size almost rising steadily all night. By carefully choosing a superior soil, you will obtain a tightly packed taste, often tastier than if you were to pick a lower quality soil. Although if you plan to grow indoors, using hydroponics as your growing system is likely to deliver the best results, at least in the context of obtaining the maximum potential nuggets. Like almost every marijuana strain, Blue Dream marijuana is prone to spider mites and downy mildew, so be best to inspect your crop periodically to ensure your reefer stays as safe as possible. If there is an indication of the potential degradation of the virus or health, ensure that unhealthful plants are removed from the crop as soon as possible.

Blue Dream Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa / Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 200-300 g/m2
Height : Average
Flowering : 9-11 weeks
Stone : Strong
THC level : 16%
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Blue Dream Regular

  1. Milan Wallin

    Excellent weed! What I love the most is its scent and aroma! Quite sleepy, so good relaxant. If ever you wanna try this one,
    you will never regret buying it. The company is legit!The product is great!

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