Blue Dream Regular

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Blue Dream is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a high THC at 19%. It is an average-sized plant but will grow good yields. Expect around 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 700 grams per plant outdoors. Blue Dream is an energetic, sedating, uplifting and euphoric strain that help you with depression, anxiety, and stress.

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Blue Dream Regular Strain Details
  • The Blue Dream strain is a hybrid that resulted from crossbreeding two popular strains called Blueberry, and Haze. It’s a breed that was created to get a strain that would give an indica high that comes with the cerebral effects of sativa. It was identified by Danny Danko as one of the top 10 Strains of 2010. He says the plant can give a high “without the sedative effects typical of indicas, leaving you fully functional yet pleasantly stoned for a truly expansive and cerebral experience.”
  • Since its genetic parents are relatively strong strains, even beginners can grow the Blue Dream strain. It would take around 9 – 11 weeks for the flowering stage to happen.
  • The Blue Dream seeds can be planted and grown both indoors and outdoors but when growing indoors, it is best to give the plant an alternating intense light and total darkness for 12 hours a day. This is also called the 12/12 photoperiod.
  • When grown in optimal indoor conditions or in optimal outdoor climate, that the mature Blue Dream plant would usually give a yield of 200 – 300 grams for every square meter. This is a little lower than most strains but the quality makes up for it.
  • The Blue Dream plant would normally look bluish when mature. The colors would range from light blue to dark purple or dark midnight blue.
  • The aroma it produces is quite unique. It carries the intensity of sweet Blueberry while having an earthy fresh pine scent and having a hint of a musky skunk smell as well.
  • The taste is also quite unique; this is a strain that everybody should try at least once. Especially those who like skunk and fruity flavors. It also leaves a nice tingling sensation on the tongue but other than that, there is little no after taste.
  • It provides quite a strong high, some would even say extreme. It takes effect within five minutes and little beads of sweat may appear on your head. Although it has sativa qualities that make you energetic and uplifted when smoking it, it can help people suffering from insomnia if they smoke a little more than usual.
Note for Growers
Beginners may get a smaller yield than average but as long as the 12/12 photoperiod is strictly followed and the amount of nutrients is just right for the plant, it will reward the grower with a decent yield.


Blue Dream Regular
Strain Specifications
Type : Sativa / Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 200-300 g/m2
Height : Average
Flowering : 9-11 weeks
Stone : Strong
THC level : 16%
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Blue Dream Regular

  1. Milan Wallin

    Excellent weed! What I love the most is its scent and aroma! Quite sleepy, so good relaxant. If ever you wanna try this one,
    you will never regret buying it. The company is legit!The product is great!

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