Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds is a sativa cannabis strain with a THC content of 19%. Indoors can generate up to 600 g/m2, and outdoors, it can produce up to 700 g/plant. This powerful, euphoric, sedating, and upbeat strain has berry, blueberry, and earthy notes. Anxiety, sadness, and fatigue will all be alleviated by it.

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Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds Characteristics

Blue Dream is a great smoke for a variety of causes. Users profit from its advantages in the tastiest way possible thanks to its delicious taste. These feminized plants allow growers to get a piece of the action with little effort. The prize is a massive stash that begs to be exchanged, and it’s satisfying and straightforward to expand. Blue Dream is a popular West Coast strain whose success has spread worldwide. It was initially bred for medicinal purposes in California and is said to help with depression and physical discomfort.

Despite its medicinal roots, it has gained popularity among recreational consumers. This variation is widely available in Amsterdam cafes and dispensaries. It’s a combination of the Indica heavyweight Blueberry and Haze, one of the finest Sativa strains. Haze, another Cali boy, adds to the mix a long-lasting, imaginative, high-energy emotional buzz. Meanwhile, the Blueberry genes of the strain serve as a calming force. Its calming effects modulate the sprightliness of the prior.

This Sativa-leaning offspring will produce Indica-heavy phenotypes thanks to two strong parents. Growers who acquire this strain can discover a few varieties with Indica characteristics. The bulk of the forms, however, are Sativa-dominant. This plant is a cultivator’s fantasy because it is easy to grow and yields a lot. Although it takes some TLC, it provides farmers with a plentiful crop of high-quality weed.

Blue Dream comes from a long line of illustrious ancestors. The plant emits the distinct scents of both of its parents as it blooms. This cannabis is earthy like Haze while still catching the fruitiness of blueberry. It’s a sensory overload. Tokers drool with delight even when it is completely mature. When lit, the smoke has a sweet vanilla scent to it. It offers a slew of shocks in the mouth. Blueberry and other berries have a fruity flavor, which is intertwined with a calming herbal essence. It’s similar to eating a plate of fresh fruits and sipping vanilla-infused hot tea.

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds Effects

Blue Dream is a fun smoke that won’t confuse novice consumers. It is powerful enough to motivate veterans at the same time. It will have a rewarding high that is intense but not excessive if used in moderation. It’s a potent mood enhancer that uplifts the spirit with a euphoric cerebral buzz. It emerges the mind and keeps it going with an aggressive drive, making it ideal for morning use. It aids in removing worries and problems from the mind, allowing the creative juices to keep flowing.

Smokers will stay fueled for hours on end without being jittery or irritated. Blue Dream has a mellow, calming influence, so you can stay busy while visiting relaxed. Blue Dream is a fantastic daytime strain that will help smokers fulfill their weekly targets. They can be on the move for hours on end, with their brains working like a well-oiled engine, thanks to its energizing influence. This strain is ideal for those who wish to put in more effort to get more. It isn’t for wishful thinking who lounge around hoping for good fortune.

Blue Dream has a couple of adverse side effects. Users can avoid cottonmouth and red eyes. These are two typical negative effects of cannabis use, and almost any strain will induce these two side effects. To keep away from them, cigarettes in moderation and drink lots of water. Dry eyes can also be relieved by using an over-the-counter eye lubricant. Furthermore, users with a poor THC threshold should avoid Blue Dream. It has a high THC material, which can make you dizzy. It might also escalate to anxiety or fear in the worst-case situation.

The potency provides immediate relief from symptoms, making this a perfect way to ease through your day. Assist your brain in tuning out worry and letting go of frustration so you can focus on your mission with a focused and relaxed mind. This excellent, well-balanced strain makes you feel both involved and comfortable, making it ideal for daytime use. Although this strain is known for its mood-lifting properties, it also aids in the relief of physical discomfort. Both inflammatory and arthritic pain, as well as migraine pain, may be eased.

What Growers Need To Know About Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

Blue Dream is taller than many Sativa giants but not as tall as typical Indica plants. It’s just about 5 feet long, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. However, it is susceptible to red spider mite attacks, so constant surveillance is needed. Blue Dream is a stunning specimen of huge colas wrapped in trichome-rich buds. It has longer blazing amber pistils than other cannabis varieties. Its foliage turns a rich plum color when subjected to cold temperatures.

Blue Dream will bloom for up to ten weeks when grown indoors. Along with plenty of TLC, using soil or hydroponics combined with Sea of Green can maximize yield. The easiest way to cultivate marijuana is to yield a crop of up to 1.9 ounces per square foot. It’s a little more challenging to develop Blue Dream outside, but it’s doable. Gardeners must be able to pay the plant even more care when growing it outdoors. This strain needs a lot of safety from adverse weather and, as previously described, mites.

This enchantress, like most marijuana strains, likes the Mediterranean and subtropical climates. Up to 24.7 ounces of fresh buds per plant are possible in these classic pot havens. If the circumstances are ideal, good results can also be obtained in northern regions. Find a place that gets a lot of sun and isn’t too windy. Also, by late September or early October, you should be able to harvest.


Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 600 g/m2
Outdoor 700 gr/plant
Height : 150 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor late September to early October
Stone : Euphoric, Energetic, Uplifted
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Colton Huffman

    Colton Huffman

    Pretty awesome strain. It grew well. This plant develop a great characteristics like it can produced many buds. Less dense and potent one. I did not see any molds or any issues at all. Excellent!

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