Super Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Super Skunk Marijuana Seeds is an Indica-dominant THC cannabis variety. It is a compact plant that grows only 100 cm high but can yield up to 450 g/m2 indoors and up to 500 gr/plant outdoors. It’s a euphoric, soothing, talkative, w, and pleasant strain with the cheese, orange, velvety, skunk, and sweet flavors you’re sure to enjoy.

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Super Skunk Characteristics

Super Skunk marijuana strain has a pungent scent to get used to. It’s also believed the strain got its name from smelling like its animal equivalent. Others say that it instantly reminded them of pungent cheese left out on a sunny day. Eventually, considering similarities with less than desirable aromas, you get used to Super Skunk and even learn to love the scent with time. For those who can work past the early harshness of Super Skunk’s scent and dig a little deeper, there’s a secret sweetness to the strain that surprises you. This sweetness becomes somewhat more evident when grinding its buds apart, producing a honey-like scent. Burning ground buds deepens the strain’s skunkiness and outcome in a strong scent that persists in the air sometime later. It’s also suggested that you consume Super Skunk outside to prevent the scent in the air even a few days. Super Skunk’s flavor profile has very little in common with the strain’s scent, with its overwhelmingly sweet taste and contrasting earthy tones. For those who love the classic skunky taste, the good news is that it’s still in Super Skunk, but far more subtly. First time inhaling Super Skunk, you’re hit with a surge of flavors that can sound somewhat daunting yet soon settle down on your tongue to provide an enjoyably complex taste. The key taste is a general sweetness, similar to opening a bag of mixed candy and thinking you’re tasting sugar but can’t distinguish individual tastes. As flavors evolve, you can discern sweet citrus from earthy undertones. Super Skunk provides a good, easy-to-inhale smoke, particularly for inexperienced smokers who aren’t accustomed to having warm smoke changing into their lungs. When you breathe through the smoke, Super Skunk’s sweetness remains on your tongue tip, while the subtle skunk taste tends to be trapped in your throat. On exhale, you’re left with a warm feeling in your throat and a mixture of earthy sweetness. The taste persists on your palate and can also be found at the end of the high.

Super Skunk Effects

Super Skunks’ total strength also differs in individuals. This strain is considered to be a strong stress reliever, causing a sense of deep comfort and a pleasant, euphoric high – a perfect way to reduce everyday anxieties and exhaustion. Super Skunk offers bold body-high due to Indica-dominant strain, but keeps you concentrated and in contact with your environment. The underlying influential Sativa presence produces a strong clear-headed. This helps you to concentrate and think clearly while feeling intense loosening. Super Skunk is also in common for a deep state of elation, often causing smokers to giggle hysterically – but also enjoying enhanced socialization and light-hearted talkative. Super Skunk is also used for intense physical and mental stimulation to fight the symptoms of stress and depression. Super Skunk helps clear your mind, pushing back negative and harmful emotions, and making space for your life’s positive. Super Skunk has become a common option as it doesn’t make you feel couch-locked for hours at a time, but rather motivates you to accomplish daily tasks and responsibilities. Super Skunk is an important source of pain relief due to its deep deep relaxation. Mostly used as a daytime burden by people who think their life is limited by chronic pain, Super Skunk’s ideal hybrid blends up the pain while still enabling you to go on your day as usual. Super Skunk is also prescribed for cancer patients on medication known to cause vomiting and loss of appetite. Super Skunk increases appetite and serves as a nausea suppressant, helping you to enjoy your daily foods.

What Growers Need To Know About Super Skunk

Super Skunk is great for beginner growers who are looking to develop their confidence and learn as they go. Super Skunk is a latent infection that can battle most molds, making it a low-maintenance strain that could be left for weeks as long as it has the basics, sunshine, and water. Super Skunk Strain seeds are simple to locate for sale online, but it’s necessary to read reviews before buying to avoid fake seeds.
Super Skunk is happiest in a dry environment with warm days and cool nights. Super Skunk struggles in warm environments and is kept completely indoors where temperature can be better managed if you live in a hot or humid climate. When growing outdoors Super Skunk, you can anticipate your plants to be ready to be harvested around late September and early November, relying on how early fall temperatures begin. Each plant yields an average of 20 ounces of tightly packed buds. For those who prefer indoor development, Super Skunk plants take about 10 weeks to harvest. You may predict the production of around 18 ounces per square meter, but this can vary depending on their surrounding temperature and exposure to sunlight.

Super Skunk Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 8 oz/m2
Outdoor 11 oz/plant
Height : Moderate
Flowering : Indoors 10 weeks
Outdoors September – November
Stone : Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

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    Ashton Lambie

    The outlook was amazing. This strain shows how beautiful she was. All seeds are quality genetics. You can only buy from this company. Very legit. And affordable. Satisfied customer here!

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