Mochalope Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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With a rather high 24 percent THC and strong yields, Mochalope Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant marijuana variety. It can yield up to 500 grams indoors per sq meter and up to 500 grams outdoors per plant. It is perfect for relieving anxiety, migraines, nausea, inflammation, joint pain, and tension, and is euphoric, calming, and inspiring.

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Mochalope Strain Characteristics

Mochalope is a treat for both recreational and therapeutic users, named for its fragrance. It’s also a voracious resin-rich bud producer, and you can cultivate your very own weed now. The plant thrives indoors or outdoors and is very easy to cultivate, and it also reacts well to practice. Yields would be abundant under the right circumstances. For many marijuana connoisseurs, Mochalope is a delightful treat. Its flavor profile is made by a rich, earthy, mix with sweet and spicy tones, is elongated by the tantalizing flavors of chocolate and coffee. A good sedating body high is provided by the Mochalope cannabis strain. It begins with a mental high that slowly rises and relaxes. The body still eases soon, easing into a powerful high body that can begin to couch lock.

Mochalope Strain Effects

It has effective effects on the body, making it perfect for severe pain, neuropathic pain, swelling, muscle aches, and cramps. Mochalope is a strong and extremely sedating strain that relieves the kinks in any muscle with a THC content that exceeds up to 25 percent, soaking you in blissful comfort wrapped in a pleasingly sweet smoke.

The deadening feeling provided by this herb is easy to touch but slow to develop to its true strength by relaxing tension and loosening the limbs. This strain is a hard-hitting and intense one.

Mochalope’s high is marked by a dreamy and distracted state of consciousness, and you can notice that while peacefulness sets in soon, it just deepens as time goes on, relaxing the mind to a gradual euphoria that is inspiring and mood uplifting, right up until the moment you get dizzy and let your lids drop to sleep. For experienced smokers, this strain is intense, novices might want to sit this one out. Those that are especially vulnerable to THC may also want to turn to some other strain as if dry lips and cottonmouth are simple and easy to surmount, anxiety is likely to rise by overindulging in this weed.

What Growers Need To Know About Mochalope Strain

Mochalope Regular can work well in most grow spaces and grow tents, extending no greater than 150 cm at most, but the real issue when growing this marijuana is which medium is the better choice. Many growers would insist that the taste and terps are all over this variety, which is also the primary reason tokers pursue this herb in the first place. If you approve, then we will suggest cultivating this stuff in organic soil to really improve the content of the terpene. If you are all about quantities, then the better option is hydroponics – guaranteeing that resources go straight into the plant, this method will allow Mochalope to really thrive and achieve maximum rates of success.

The several robust lateral branches will eventually occur as this plant starts to grow, and you will quickly find that it would need some significant trimming to hold her in place, considering the size and weight of her buds. These close internodes often make her prone to molds and fungus, so maintaining relative humidity rates around 40 percent and 50 percent and pruning her well is critical. By making the plants shorter and denser, which enables more light to the top foliage, using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup will help to minimize the vegetative period. A lot of light is essential here, and if you want to harvest a healthy harvest of 500 gr/m2, a 600-watt rising lamp is a good investment. First, you just need to wait 8 weeks.

If you prefer to grow your ganja outside, your best companion is the mild Mediterranean climate, and you will be able to yield about 500 grams per herb.

Mochalope Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 21 – 23 oz/m2
Outdoor 28 oz/ plant
Height : Up to 14 feet tall
Flowering : Indoors 10 – 14 weeks
Outdoors late November
Stone : Calming, Euphoric
THC level : 25%
Grow : Difficult

1 review for Mochalope Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Rory Murray

    Rory Murray

    Wonderful strain. It makes me happy when the plant grow day by day. She is manageable, I can do other things like household chores while growing this one. All things are possible. The plant is very healthy. Simply I love it.

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