LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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LSD Marijuana Seeds is a stable Indica-Sativa marijuana strain with very good yields and 24 percent THC levels. This strain is very small and can only reach 60 cm tall, however, it can produce 600 grams/sq meter and up to 600 g/m2 outside. It is an aromatic, pungent, skunk, and sweet-smelling strain used during headaches, anxiety, swelling, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and discomfort.

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LSD Strain Characteristics

You can quickly smell the powerful pine aroma along with the skunky notes that occupy your sensations. But if you can get past the effectiveness, you can be regarded as a lovely sweet. The taste of LSD is comparable to how it smells. You get a massive pine taste owing to the skunk, however, some berry notes persist on the tongue, including a small bubble gum taste at the lower part.

LSD has a classical Indica look in that it has round and cone-like buds. The thick bud concept recognizes you need to be cautious of excess moisture, and the color varies from dark to wintergreen. LSD also has quite tiny trichomes, and it’s not all that convenient to see pistils change color.

LSD Strain Effects

LSD is an extremely powerful strain, so don’t hop in and utilize a few grams in a rush to get high, or else you’ll get more than you’ve ever done. It starts with a high cerebral invigoration that allows you to relax. It then shifts to a heavy Indica high, which decreases movement and can even stimulate the lock of the couch. The high warmth can leave you feeling spaced out, and it’s often too weak for novices.

You’re going to be zoned in whatever is in front of you, which means that concealing your high from the boss is going to be tricky. It’s not recommended to smoke until an hour or two before bedtime. At the end of the day, you enhance from the stony, iconic Indica High, so don’t take it if you have a plan that includes heading out. A mixture of high THC and CBD concentrations implies that LSD is used frequently as medical cannabis. Its powerful soothing characteristics make it a better choice if you have pain, anxiousness, or anxiety. The High allows you to remain in an instant and inhibits your mind occupied around the areas that trigger anxiety. LSD can also aid with severe pain because you’re going to be too far away to feel anything. Take into account being used for knee pain, joint pain, and muscle spasms. If you have depression, take a few bumps an hour before bed to effectively enhance the effectiveness of your sleep.

LSD, for its high levels of THC and CBD, is common with medical marijuana users. For its intense soothing properties, those suffering from chronic stress can find release in this strain, complete with the mental stimulus of this particular strain. You can find comfort in this beautiful strain if you suffer from chronic pain that affects your everyday life. LSD is effective against a variety of problems, such as muscle spasms, joint pain, migraines, back pain and so many more, and has very good pain-killing powers. The Sativa presence in this hybrid often energizes you, fighting exhaustion effectively.

What Growers Need To Know About LSD Strain

LSD is a reasonably easy strain to develop since you can leave it alone and give you good yields. If you want to maximize the value of this strain, top the plant to try and spread development all over the place. Since it is a plant that grows short and thick, it is good enough to justify pruning the lower branches to guarantee that buds throughout the upper portion of the plant develop. Once you have LSD seeds in your hand, you can consider growing them indoors or outdoors along with their maximum strength to pests and disease. It produces up to 21 oz per sq meter planted indoors and has a flowering time of 7-8 weeks.

Outdoors, it supplies about 18 oz per plant, and is ready to be harvested by mid-September.No matter where you are located, maintains the temperature among 65-and 80-degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day. When expanding indoors, this refers to the time when the lights are on. If you grow LSD outdoors, be cautious of precipitation since buds are dense and prone to bud rot. Keep the moisture at the bottom of the required range. As for feeding, a medium number of resources must be fed to LSD. If you use soil as a growth season, add organic fertilizers including manure and worm castings during the flowering phase.

LSD Strain Specifications

Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 21 oz/m2
Outdoor 18 oz/plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 9 – 10 weeks
Outdoors mid September
Stone : Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
THC level : 24%
Grow : Easy

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    The company products are world class. The seeds they produced, are all quality. This strain is one of the best among them. Truly it has a mind blowing effect! I love it. The unique scent of aroma is so good for me. Thank you!

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