Lemon Tree Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A balanced hybrid with a very large THC content of 23 percent is Lemon Tree Marijuana Seeds. This is a tall plant that grows up to 200 cm high and can yield up to 500 grams indoors per sq/m2 and up to 500 grams outdoors per plant. There are vigorous, concentrated, soothing, and inspiring results of this citrus, wood, and pungent strain.

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Lemon Tree Strain Characteristics

Regarded to be relatively moderate when it comes to effectiveness, Lemon Tree averages approximately 20% THC and, at its very strongest, it will look good from about 25%. Her nugs are very round and dark in color, but the thick coating of very vibrant trichomes enables her to lighten her appearance. The first thing that’s going to catch your eye, or perhaps a nose, about the Lemon tree strain, is its enormous amount of flavor. The Lemon tree strain is composed of a central lemon flavor with a sour, earthy, and petrol tank. Lemon Tree is a type of marijuana strain that has been the outcome of over a couple of years of experience in the development of the best quality product by the most accountable means. This strain of marijuana comes from all the natural ingredients that help in generating the rich, fruity scent and flavor of the Lemon Tree.

Lemon Tree Strain Effects

As one might guess, this strain takes on a strong note from both her parents, mixing zesty lemon and fragrant skunk with a flavor and aroma that either loves her or hates her scenario. As anticipated with the 50/50 strain, Lemon Tree generally offers users a stable high accompanied by a soothing comedown. Originally, most will feel like they’re at the top of the world after several knocks, euphoria, and a pleasant, fortunate attitude that fills them from head to toe.

Most consumers tend to like the impacts that arrive with a stable hybrid, but not everyone is a skunk fan. If you feel creative, try Lemon Tree and see if it’s something that you can surmount. At the very least, your little study will give you a few hours of comfort, and you’ll never have to try it again. That taste and smell arrive from an intricate terpene profile with more than 20 prevalent terpenes, while most others have only 2-3. The natural and organic methods that have been perfected over the last couple of years have helped to highlight the well being of the plant. None of it can be a good substitute for a caffeine rush for average consumers than the enlightening and energizing sensation of this hybrid. Aside from filling up lost energy, this inspiring push allows you to remain on course with your daily tasks. After some time passed, you will feel light, comforting pressure in your muscles, pressure draining away. As the state of comfort becomes deeper, you will feel light as a bird, both mentally and physically.

What Growers Need To Know About Lemon Tree Strain

Those who are expanding their own strains at their house may also want to take this strain for a spin, as having a lot on hand at any given time looks like a perfect plan. Even so, as seen time and time again when hidden breeders are at stake, seeking seeds or clones can be almost impossible. At this time, no one is very sure where they would place an order to start their production quest, so your best option is to keep a close eye out for the stray seed of your dispensary purchase. Lemon Tree is by no implies a flawed plant, but it necessitates a little more time and consideration than some other strains. In an ideal setting, it doesn’t take much time for the plant to start to extend. It can be surpassed after it has established 3 or 4 nodes, and that will help maintain its size in check, but you’ll need to assist it to heal from surprise and restore it to its main wellbeing.

Average Lemon Tree batch tends to have THC levels around 17 and 25 percent, although CBD levels significantly remain well below one percent. It’s a hybrid strain, indicating that it has the capability to produce both indica and sativa impacts in consumers. In other statements, it is believed to have the opportunity to produce impacts in both the body and mind.

Lemon Tree Strain Specifications

Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 500 gr/m2
Outdoor 500 oz/plant
Height : Tall
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoors September
Stone : Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifting
THC level : 22% to 24%
Grow : Moderate

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  1. Avatar for Freda Lewis

    Freda Lewis

    You know why I love this plant. The way it grows day by day was so intense. Because I am very passionate at my growing, I make sure every details was correct. The humidity level of the environment must also be check. So its all in control. Over all, I am satisfied with the outcome. Will surely have another batch!

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