Critical Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Critical x Green Crack seeds, mixed with oaky and skunky components, are somewhat Sativa strain with beautifully sweet citrus. It also boasts up to 20 percent THC strength, besides its mouthwatering aroma and fragrance.

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Critical Widow Strain Characteristics

Critical Widow is a unique, ultra-potent strain that should be tried at least once by all enthusiasts. Its THC levels increase to about 27%, allowing it to propel the mind to another level rapidly. It’s better done by experienced users due to its sledgehammer-like cognitive impact.

Born from two iconic strains, Critical Mass and White Widow, the hybrid possesses many of the best qualities of its kind and is an outstanding consumption and growth variant. With its effects, it’s more like White Widow, offering a good outlook and an awakened mood. Although calming the body, it energizes the mind, making it ideal for use in the afternoon as long as no challenging task is required. It encourages fun and chattiness while mixing and mixing, making it an ideal companion for sharing after-work coffee with friends or savoring isolation when watching the sunset.

Critical Widow takes after both parents when it comes to its increasing tendencies. The citrus scent, quick flowering time, and huge, branch-breaking buds are from Critical Mass, while her enormous, crystal-packed resin development was passed on by White Widow. A new yet rustic quality that reflects damp cultivated land exudes from Vital Widow. The herb has a sweet and slightly acidic twist, speckled with an exhilarating touch of citrus.

Critical Widow Strain Effects

With a growing THC level of about 27%, Critical Widow is better reserved for seasoned customers. It shatters the mind like a mental sledgehammer with a euphoric blow, triggering a strong high that is also slightly hazy. Then, the mentally upbeat and energizing effects of the bud kick in, followed by giggles and talking fits that make it an outstanding strain to increase trust in social interactions. Most of the described impulses are more noticeable as the high builds up, but the increase in vigor is quite short-lived. The entire body will gradually be surrounded by a soothing feeling that does not couch-lock, so it is better used after work, in the late afternoon or early evening.

It’s a perfect addition to stress-busting, chilled-out hobbies such as cooking a nice meal, watching films, or catching up on television shows. Since the pressure causes a sudden burst of imagination, creative efforts often come more readily. Until you light up, stock up on snacks or preferred finger foods as a suggestion. Comedown hits the munchies hard. It is all about providing holistic relief to Critical Widow. It will almost instantaneously alleviate psychological problems, and relief from chronic pain will come immediately afterward.

The anxiolytic and antidepressant combination of the herb helps prevent the mind from spiraling into despair, significantly reducing stress, anxiety, depression, mood changes, and bipolar disorder symptoms. It’s also claimed to have a feature that relieves pain. It may minimize pain and inflammation conditions such as multiple sclerosis, PMS, migraine headaches, spasticity, and rheumatoid arthritis due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory substances.

As mentioned, a serious case of munchies is caused by Vital Widow, which can momentarily recover the appetite to a point where no eating disorder or other ailment can be spoiled. Typically, the session concludes with extreme drowsiness and, finally, deep sleep, which can be beneficial for insomniacs. While CBD is sometimes marked as the cannabis medicinal compound, it is also said that THC brims with health-promoting properties. That said, if ingested at high dosages, the psychoactive component can have undesirable adverse effects, such as dizziness, increased anxiety, and paranoia. Cottonmouth and dry lips can also be caused, but these two are not considered serious. Often enjoy Vital Widow in balance, to help bring a good encounter.

What Growers Need To Know About Critical Widow Strain

A monstrous height of 6 to 9 feet tall is reached by Critical Widow. You may perform such height-restricting strategies if vertical space is restricted. Topping, trimming and ScrOGing are the techniques most widely used in narrow areas when home-growing. When it comes to foliage upkeep, Critical Widow makes things very easy. It is not shaggy, and has thin leaves, and is generally resistant to conventional mildew and molds. It is unlikely that moisture concentration, airflow, and light penetration would be a problem. Perhaps the most crucial part for its main cola and encouraging secondary bud clusters is the construction of aid or trellis.

Critical Widow flowers for 7 to 9 weeks in a managed environment and produces up to 1.31 ounces per square foot. The temperature in the growing area must be about 70 to 80 ° F in order to produce such a large harvest. During the fruiting period, the humidity must be maintained at around 40 to 50 percent and decreased to 30 to 40 percent in the last two weeks. In areas with a Tropical climate, the plant thrives outdoors. Up to 17.5 ounces of buds can be produced from a single plant in such desirable places.

Critical Widow Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400 g/m2
Outdoor 500 gr/plant
Height : 180 – 280 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor October
Stone : Energetic, Creative, Euphoric
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Critical Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Carla Wilkins

    Carla Wilkins

    The most outstanding strain for me. The effects of it satisfies me. I love the good smoke, the scent of aroma. The unique beauty of it during its flowering stage vows me. I love it and it totally amazed me!

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