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Cream Candy Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Cream Candy marijuana strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that emits a flavorful aroma of caramel, cream, and vanilla. This tasty strain is a product of crossing Cream Caramel and Lowryder, producing this auto-flowering strain that offers a hypnotic high that makes one feel drowsy while inducing a heavy body stone that will be very appealing to many cannabis enthusiasts. With a THC level that averages at 21%, it will invoke a potency that is combined with a delightfully sweet flavor profile.

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Cream Candy Autoflower Characteristics

Being named Cream Candy will give an impression that the weed you are smoking will have a sweet and creamy flavor and scent. True enough, its aroma is full of sweet caramel and creamy vanilla mixed with a strong earthy aroma that is pleasingly good. Its flavors are not far away as it has that pungent earthy cannabis flavor with hints of caramel and pine flavors coming as an aftertaste.

Cream Candy Autoflower Effects

Considered to be a great nightcap as its powerful Indica high will have the users wading in a sea of deep relaxation. This removes all tensions and aches from the body that has built up while working the whole day. It will just take a few minutes before a completely calming and sedating effect kicks in. Almost simultaneously, a buzzing head rush will give the users a euphoric sensation that rids all negativity that hounds their minds. Good vibes will slide in and the user completely forgets all those horrible memories. As the high elevates, the Indica will push the user to the brink of sleepiness and eventual slumber will not be far away, giving the user to rest his mind and body.

What Growers Need To Know About Cream Candy Autoflower Seeds

The Candy Cream autoflowering variety is regarded as a moderate plant to grow. This is because auto-flowering strains don’t recover well if pruning and topping are done to the plant. However, giving it a warm and sunny environment will have the plant thriving in no time. If there is a need to prune or do topping on the plant it is recommended to do it minimally to assure healthier plant growth. They will start flowering in 9 to 10 weeks and produce yields of 600 grams indoors and 800 grams outdoors.


Cream Candy Autoflower Strain Specifications

Genes : Amnesia Haze x OG Kush x Ruderalis
Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Sunny, Warm, semi-humid, can adapt to cooler weather
Yield : 600 grams indoors and 800 grams outdoors
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9 to 10 weeks
Stone : Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
Flavor : Caramel, Cream, Vanilla, Citrus, Earthy
THC level : 21%
CBD level : 0.3%
Grow : Medium

1 review for Cream Candy Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Pupa Onio

    Pupa Onio

    Getting bigger and bigger. This strain is such a monster plant! Had a huge leaves with good yield. I can’t believe I got an amazing grow. Some of the growers experienced trouble. Maybe they have a mistake doing it. Luckily I had a perfect germination with this 10 seeds pack I bought. Aside from that. It help when you read some blog reviews about growing. Over all, excellent for me!

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