White Rhino Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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White Rhino Marijuana Seeds is a 26 percent strong THC Indica marijuana variety, which makes it very euphoric, calming, and upbeat. It is also heavy-yielding and, when grown outdoors, can yield up to 1200 grams per plant and up to 900 g/m2 indoors. White Rhino, for discomfort, depression, muscle aches, and tension, is also an effective medicinal strain.

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White Rhino Strain Characteristics

The White Rhino is the creature that you want to control in your cannabis garden with a large and bold euphoric high. Slowly, it creeps up on you and then bursts in a rush of powerful sensory effects that will blow away your socks. As a therapeutic strain, it offers pain, depression, and anxiety with massive relief. This strain, distilled from the genes of the White Widow, traces its lineage back to the revered landraces of Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. The result is a 26 percent THC Indica-dom that, with its easy-going disposition and enormous yield, is a delight to smoke and even more marvelous to develop. Given that this strain is derived from White Widow, in many ways the aroma is identical. With powerful wood tones, such as pine and sandalwood, it is earthy. A forest with tangy traces of lemon is reminiscent of the scent. There’s even a little bit of skunkiness, but it’s not overpowering. The taste is woody and earthy, close to its aroma. The pine’s spiciness combines with the honey’s sweetness and the zing of the ripe citrus. While the smoke is whole-bodied, it is not intense and typically does not cause coughing fits.

White Rhino Strain Effects

The White Rhino is not for inexperienced smokers, and often even veterans are taken by surprise. It is deceptively docile at first, much like a grazing rhinoceros. But after a couple of minutes, the buzz hits you hard and heavy. The eruption of euphoria, along with the numbing of the body, will overtake you. A satisfying satisfaction is quickly accompanied by this feeling as fears and tensions melt away. A trace of Sativa effects will kick in, giving you sufficient inspiration and endurance to go for a long walk to ponder the wonders of nature. Eventually, however, you will get overtaken by the need to take a nap. With that in mind, if nodding off is a welcome option, this potent herb is better enjoyed in the evening or on the weekends. There are strongly discouraged activities involving attention and manual dexterity. It is most commonly used as a pain reliever and sleeping aid because of the hard-hitting physical impact of the White Rhino. What most users do not realize is that it has psychological advantages as well. To relieve anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic phobia, and agoraphobia, for instance, the sense of calm and contentment it creates may be channeled. It could also lead to relieving the depression clouds that follow each of these conditions. The 26 percent THC intensity of this strain gives it analgesic effects, going back to the physical side. Research from the University of New Mexico showed that cannabis with high THC is an important option to opioids for the treatment of the discomfort, but with very limited side effects. As such, it can be used to relieve nausea and dysmenorrhea, as well as chronic disorders such as arthritis and neuropathic pain. Also, at less than 1 percent, the CBD amount is negligible. As a result, this strain is not sufficient for decreasing the frequency of epilepsy and swelling.

What Growers Need To Know About White Rhino Strain

The White Rhino has all the features that make it extremely simple for an Indica plant to develop, even for novices. The herb, with plenty of large leaves that can easily catch the sun, is short and stout. It is robust and tough, capable of fighting against common diseases and pests. Only the most basic procedure will yield a robust production of rhinoceros horn-shaped buds. Soaked and flecking of vivid yellow pistils of sugar trichomes. It’s best grown in a Green Sea as an indoor herb. Novices, don’t warn yourself. This simply means putting many plants, approximately 30 cm apart, close together. This technique maximizes the space available and makes a bulk harvest instead of only planting one plant at a time. It’s going to look like a green carpet or “sea” as the foliage thickens. Nonetheless, practitioners are conscious that the SOG system substantially increases the humidity and temperature of a growing chamber or tent. While this strain can usually effortlessly resist diseases, in this type of situation it becomes more susceptible to moisture-related diseases. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on the leaves and stems. Pay attention to symptoms of mold and mildew. In the open, where there is continuous air circulation, this issue can be prevented. Since it is relatively compact, without causing observation from nosy neighbors, the plant can be left alone to grow to its entire height. It prefers a sunny and warm setting, like most marijuana. It is, however, strong enough to thrive in cooler environments as long as ample sunlight is available.

White Rhino Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 900 g/m2
Outdoor 1200 gr/plant
Height : 100 – 200 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor October
Stone : Calming, Relaxed
THC level : 26%
Grow : Easy

1 review for White Rhino Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Geraldo Panicucci

    Geraldo Panicucci

    Along my growing journey, I experienced some issues but later on I figure it out. The plant is just a little needy. Need some nutrients and care. But did grow so well. It was so blooming plant. Especially on its flowering stage. I am so happy I chose this strain.. Thanks!

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