Birthday Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Birthday Cake was produced by infusing the relatively well-known Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie genetics. Physically, it is densely packed with buds that are circular in form and dark green color with purple hues. The buds are thick and fully covered in incredible trichomes, giving the appearance of being frosted. It has hairs that are a vibrant orange hue.

With a THC content of up to 24%, there is no wonder that the Birthday Cake strain inherited an exceptional genetic heritage from its ancestors. As previously mentioned, in contrast to other cannabis types, the Birthday Cake strain has the same potency and effect as the notorious Tahoe OG and Lemon Kush strains.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Birthday Cake (fem)?

Birthday Cake has distinct and delectable vanilla and skunk aroma, along with a delicate sweetness on the inhale and a tinge of nuts and fluffy when puffed out. Its smell is mildly pungent, earthy, and skunky, with an overpowering vanilla note that refreshes. However, it is not the typical vanilla sound, as it is reminiscent of a vanilla marijuana cake. When properly cured, the Birthday Cake strain will develop additional fragrance characteristics such as a damp and citrus aroma. When ground, the strain emits various sandalwood, which spices notes and can be mildly rough on the sinuses when smoked.

The majority of people who have sampled it agree that it tastes and smells much like a real birthday cake. Nevertheless, some phenotypes of this strain have more cake-like terpenes than others but retain a bitter aftertaste and a slight touch of creamy flavor. If you’re searching for a strain that evokes feelings of gentleness and comfort, Birthday Cake has you covered. With its seductive flavors and aroma, this strain is genuinely irresistible for experimentation—however, its terpene profile and similarity to a birthday cake work against it.

The Birthday Cake strain’s initial results will put you in an upbeat mood, and you will instantly exhibit pleasure and side giggles. Following that, it will eventually lead to the start of body relaxation, during which you may feel sluggish, unmotivated, and possibly couch-locked. What’s fascinating about this strain is that, because it induces sleepiness, the mind remains alert. The intense sensation generated by the Birthday Cake strain allows users to sleep peacefully, which can be a great session to have after a long, stressful day. During the night, the Birthday Cake strain will act as a medical treatment for those seeking a restful sleep.

It’s easy to conclude that the Birthday Cake strain is either a challenge or a gift, based on the period during which consumers consume it. It is critical to remember that due to the strain’s high THC content and relatively low CBD content, it is unlikely to knock you out and can cause you to feel drowsy if drunk in large amounts. Regardless, regulated consumption is advised to ensure an outrageous and delightful encounter.

What are the Medical Benefits of Birthday Cake (fem)?

Birthday Cake is an excellent strain for medical marijuana patients. It has a plethora of medicinal benefits. Continuous studies into the accurate CBD content of this strain yields contradictory results on its potential to benefit people suffering from seizures or epilepsy.

Nonetheless, owing to its remarkable ability to elevate mood, it is widely used as a stress reliever and potential depression medicine. Physicians are now commonly using it as a substitute for synthetic antidepressant pills. Additionally, it contains analgesic and sedative properties that help relieve pain associated with inflammation or fibromyalgia. It can also be helpful in the treatment of severe migraines and headaches.

Negative Effect You Can Expect From Birthday Cake (fem)

About the fact that the Birthday Cake strain produces some positive outcomes and effects when smoked or consumed, there are some dangers associated with its use. There is no way to avoid side effects entirely by consuming any cannabis strain. Typically, this strain will give the mouth the sensation of a dessert. It dehydrates the mouth, creating a cotton-mouth feeling. Always carry water or something that can keep you hydrated.

Additionally, the Birthday Cake strain is more likely to cause anxiety and dizziness. Although it has promising results, there is no way to avoid experiencing them, notably when exceeding your resistance with a massive dose.

How to Grow Birthday Cake (fem)

This strain is an incredibly thriving hemp plant that can withstand various weather conditions and environmental influences. It will yield a sufficient crop regardless of the excess rainfall and humidity in the surrounding area.

When growing outdoors, it prefers enough sunshine to ensure worry-free cultivation, despite its high tolerance for cold climates. It is vulnerable to mildew, which is one of this cannabis’s disadvantages.

By giving the best conditions and resources when growing the Birthday Cake strain, you can help it reach its maximum potential and increase its chances of producing cannabinoids. It will reach a height of six feet and yield roughly six ounces of harvest every twelve inches.


Birthday Cake Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica
Genetics Parents: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering Period: 7-9 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny
Yield: High
Flavors: Citrus, Sweet, Vanilla, Earthy, Piney
THC Level: 20% – 24%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: late September to early October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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