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Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds with high THC and decent yields is an Indica marijuana strain. With blueberry, orange, sweet, berries, and oaky flavors, it is a soothing, innovative, stimulating, uplifting, and euphoric strain that you’ll certainly enjoy. For discomfort, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, and stress, Cherry Pie can also be used as a medicinal pressure.

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Cherry Pie Strain Characteristics

The epicurean act of playing makes Cherry Pie as enjoyable as the result it gives. The sensation of walking into a pastry shop and enthusiastically sniffing out everything on sale is evoked by one whiff of its fruity fragrance. And this delicious smoking feeling enriches the mind while also relaxing the body, much like snacking a slice of freshly-baked goodness. It is certainly one of the market’s best-tasting strains, but it also has plenty to offer, making it a great all-rounder.

The herb’s hybridized genes can credit 420 cultures around the world for its healthy kick. Granddaddy Purple, as well as injecting a significant amount of Indica peace, adds the gift of its delicious berry nature to the combination. The pure Sativa Durban Toxin, meanwhile, offers its enlightening and focus-enhancing potential as well as some much-savored earthiness of the landrace. For a hectic day, a truly flexible herb, moderate quantities of Cherry Pie will provide busy workers that has plenty of mental control. Eating a tad more, on the other hand, will exacerbate its effects and have an all-encompassing post-work relaxation. It encourages a healthy blend of elevated body and brain that accommodates several different emotions and needs.

While very well matched in terms of its impact, presentation, and structure, Cherry Pie is more Indica. Its dense foliage, which is moderately easy to grow, requires frequent trimming. Other than that, only simple TLC and constant feeding involve this novice-friendly version. True to its name, the scent of this one is freshly-baked cherry pie. It’s so delicious-smelling, in reality, that even when they watch it bloom, viewers are likely to be drooling. Its scent becomes much more enticing once lit. The sweet and sour blueberry fragrance combines wonderfully with the sharp and sweet notes that are prevalent. The slight citrus tang becomes more noticeable when exhaled.

When it comes to Cherry Pie, one hit is never enough to taste as delectable as it smells. It provides a truly mouth-watering sensation with a sweet taste matching smoked cherries. Its vapor provides a touch of earthiness with a gentle berry aftertaste in each toke.

Cherry Pie Strain Effects

Cherry Pie has a sufficient supply of almost all the characteristics that weed-lovers appreciate. Slightly Indica-leaning, it provides relief that does not occur in couch-lock, and from its significant Sativa components, the mind receives a boost of concentration and imagination. A fun buzz from the relatively high THC material ties all those advantages together, rounding things off perfectly.

One of the very few varieties that are suitable for both day and night use is this delicious cannabis variety. It offers a reasonable high that will not startle newcomers, making it a tasty treat ready to be sampled by any consumer. It’s important to remember what kind of impact is needed before a puff out, though. A Cherry Pie toke or two encourages an active yet soothing kind of ride. It uplifts and alerts the senses, the ideal coffee buddy, and then shows the mind with concentration and imagination that supports nine-to-fivers and visual artists. It allows coming up with ideas as simple as pie, critical thought, and conceptualizing. The calming effect of the strain helps avoid users from becoming jumpy or overly aggressive.

Going in for more can improve the effects of the Indica strain. The euphoria will come with a deep calm of the body that can lead to couch-lock and, finally, sound sleep. For this cause, Cherry Pie is an outstanding nighttime friend at higher speeds. Any adverse effects are, as with other strains, inevitable. This is more likely to be incurred by inexperienced users because they may still not know the boundaries of their sensitivity.

Eating too much can cause dry eyes and lips, particularly when dehydrated. By keeping the dose moderate and ensuring fluid intake, these are both pretty easy to avoid. The discomfort induced can also be reduced by OTC eye drops. Excessive intake can also cause alarming effects, such as dizziness, anxiety, or paranoia. The trick to preventing those is to allow the high to slowly build up before heading for another toke. Should any of the three continue with a much lower dose, the issue may be THC sensitivity. A potential alternative is to turn to a strain with a THC volume of just about 10 percent.

What Growers Need To Know About Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie is absolutely beautiful when it flowers, a captivating vision that even novices can develop without much trouble. It’s a medium-sized plant that requires its side branches to have plenty of lateral space. When it matures, the luxurious, bright green foliage becomes bushier and fluffier, and dead and excess leaves may need to be cut away by farmers. This compels the plant to instead give more nutrients to the nugs. At the same time, for its lesser nodes, it enables effective airflow and more light.

Cherry Pie’s colas are still its greatest triumph no matter how plentiful its leafage is. Incredibly large and flavorful, each one is tightly packed in glinting green and purple tones with gorgeous nuggets. How strong this variety can be is illustrated by a thick layer of crystal trichomes.

Growers are better off developing indoors in areas with unpleasant or volatile climates. It will make the satisfied plant feel like it is having a warm hug by keeping the temperature around 70 and 80 °F and the humidity between 40 percent to 50 percent. Such situations also help stop mold and mildew. Rising in hydro or soil and having the plants flourish in a Sea of Green system works best to raise yields. Growers are rewarded with yields of up to 1.4 ounces per square foot after flowering for 8 to 9 weeks. This variety also enjoys the great outdoors where, under the warmth of direct sunshine, it can dance. Each plant produced more than 19 ounces of buds in an ideal Mediterranean environment that has plenty of heat and sunlight. Achieving such incredible yields is also possible in northern Europe. Growers can reap the benefits of the summer and harvest by the end of October at the latest.

Cherry Pie Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Mediterranean/Sunny
Yield : Indoor 400 – 450 g/m2
Outdoor 550 gr/plant
Height : 150 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 Weeks
Outdoors late October
Stone : Calming, Creative, Euphoric
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

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    Frida Koch

    The most fulfilling journey for me was when I finally have my own plant. I grow a 5 seed pack and currently on its 2nd week now. I am so happy now that was able to grow at my own. Thanks for the advises and for the fast shipping of yours. . The plant is very potent and had a good yield. Waiting for its harvesting day! +A

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