California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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California Dream, or Cali Dream, is a quick-hitting Indica leaning hybrid that presents a deep relaxation and euphoric head high to its users. Coming from the result of crossing 2 landrace strains in Mexican Sativa and Afghani Indica, resulting in having a citrusy and mint taste in its flavor. With a THC level that ranges from 20% to 24% levels, this weed can offer its users a great sense of well-being and a relaxing high that is perfect to unwind and feel carefree!

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California Dream Strain Characteristics

The appearance of California Dream is very appealing with deeply serrated dark olive green leaves with a fleshy and reddish underside covering the entire plant. Its buds are cone-shaped with a lighter green shade with dark purple hues and bright orange hairs. These buds are fully covered with crystal white trichomes that seem to glitter when touched by light.

Not to be outdone are its aroma and flavor as a strong skunkiness with some floral notes are noticeable present in its smell. Then a whiff of mint and citrus make up the complaint scent of this weed. As with its smell, the flavor of this bud is a more enhanced version of its fragrance. A pungent damp earth flavor greets the tongue with a minty and lemony touch that is pleasingly flavorful. As the thick smoke is exhaled a hint of sweet grapefruit flavor comes as an aftertaste.

California Dream Strain Effects

The California Dream effects offer a great balance of mental stimulation and physical body heavy high. It starts with a head rush that crashes into the head after a few minutes of the first hit. An instant feeling of euphoria and mood enhancement is immediately detected and this cleans away all the cynicism that races inside the mind. As the mind settles in with this rush, a warmth is suddenly felt that wraps around the entire physical being of the user. A sense of calming bliss will take over and give the user that needed relaxation after a stressful day at work, easing and soothing the muscles but not heavy enough to be deeply tranquilized. With a THC level that is between 20% to 24%, The sedating characteristic of the weed is a perfect way to treat those suffering from chronic pain and other pain-related disorders and offer them a pain-free state the entire duration of the high.

What Growers Need To Know About California Dream Strain

The California Dream Feminized weed strain is an easy plant to grow. They can be cultivated either in an indoor setup or an outdoor setting. They prefer a balmy, sunny, and semi-humid environment to thrive. They can sometimes grow a bit tall especially if cultivated outside, so topping off its canopy will help regulate its vertical upshoot. This would also induce more lateral branches to grow which could be potential growth points for new flowers to pop up. They will start flowering and will soon be ready for harvest. Indoor flowering will start in 60 days and October for outdoors and produce a yield of 14 to 16 ounces of great California Dream weed!


California Dream Feminized Strain Specifications

Genes : Afghani Indica x Mexican Sativa
Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Sunny, Cool, and semi-Humid
Yield : 14 – 16 ounces
Height : Short to Medium
Flowering : 60 days indoors and October outdoors
Stone : Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifting, Calming, Happy
Flavor : Skunky, Floral, Citrus Earthy, Mint
THC level : 20%- 24%
CBD level : 0.2%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for California Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Neville Duval

    Neville Duval

    Solid genetics make this astounding strain very simple to grow. Now on my 3rd week, got no problem at all. They grown very healthy. I cant wait to see how it flowers and how the buds looks like. Nice plant and I really did not have to pay too much attention to her.

  2. Avatar for Diana Tan

    Diana Tan

    Everything is great all seeds have germinated and no waste at all! This plant is very well to grow to SOG. I got to have a very amazing big dense buds with this strain. California drees has a very delicious taste and gave me a very relaxing high. I will surely buy again!

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