Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds is a marijuana strain with very high THC at 24 percent Indica-dominant. It is a high plant growing up to 180 cm tall and in only 8 to 10 weeks it can yield above-average quantities. With typical spicy, honey, vanilla, lemon, and oaky flavors, this classic strain is a soothing, euphoric, medicating, invigorating, and tingling strain.

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Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds Characteristics

Those sugary sweet treats that we all think about on the islands of the grocery store generally have us coming back for more. This one, despite its reputation, Girl Scout Cookies, is not for girls. If you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker, you know the identity or you recognize the GSC moniker. If you are just beginning your marijuana adventure, you can never forget tasting this quality bud for the first time.

This strain took its hometown of California by surprise with the popular lineage of OG Kush and a Durban Poison F1 Hybrid, then stormed right across the nation, creating a wake along the way of healthy, satisfied smokers. However, make sure to use it at the end of the day because the Indica impact can kick in due time, making you relaxed in no time. The Girl Scout Cookies strain remains a widely sought-after strain and a preference to this day.

The fragrance in the immediate vicinity is indicative of a Sunday morning stroll through a bakery. Similar to a designer coffee laced with nutmeg and allspice, filling the olfactory senses with a thick nutty vanilla taste. The earthy pungent smell generally associated with marijuana is light and not overpowering, but for certain baked goods, your neighbors might come knocking.

Think chocolate cookies with a peppery twist of nutmeg. This exquisite strain of smoke fills your mouth like a multi-layered latte produced by the finest barista in the world. Some smokers talk of a sweet raspberry, a flavor of lemony mint, as well as other users mention a flavor like vanilla spice. Try it out for yourself and shape your own view, but be ready to want more since they are sure to have your salivary glands soaring regardless of the varieties you taste.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds Effects

GSC is like no other and GSC is quite like no other strain. The feeling of euphoria takes over almost instantly after you have taken your first touch, taking you to a euphoric, calm, and peaceful state of mind. This sweet green flower will provide you with a feeling of imagination once you relax into the calm that might have you looking to push out the art pencils or paintbrush to let your internal artist express himself. When the Indica kicks in, follow this up with some serious relief, and you’re sure to enjoy the well-rounded results this strain produces.
Girl Scout Cookies have amazing medical uses that range from stress treatment, severe fatigue, depression, nausea, and loss of appetite. Many individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress-related disorders have recently confirmed that GSC has greatly decreased their symptoms and helped make it easier to handle their everyday lives. You will also want to consider keeping many munchie food options on hand since this strain is well known to carry a hunger that will not satisfy one bag of chips.

What Growers Need To Know About Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Fortunately, modern hydroponic systems are a fairly easy set-up that offers a great reward and GSC does so. Seeing this vibrant green-leafed elegance reach for the sun appear to develop out of nothing more than a bucket of water is an incredible thing. If you want to get technical, a nutrient solution requires more than just regular simple water and more special lights than the sun, but it can be done very quickly and inexpensively to set up a basic hydroponic growing method.

This strain also succeeds in a Sea of Green developing format, definitely not the sort of marijuana seeds to be confined to only one growing process. It refers to the growth of several plants in a shorter amount of time than a few plants for a longer period for those not aware of the word Sea of Green, or SOG. Where you would usually grow four plants for two to three months in ten-gallon pots, you would now grow 10 plants for one to two months in one-gallon pots. The use of SOG enables indoor marijuana growers to develop reliably high-yielding plants and keep at their fingertips a constant stash of home-grown marijuana all year round. When you want to be sure of getting plenty of beauty buds to the blaze, this is a major bonus.

This strain embraces developing well outdoors and can be ready for harvest in late September to early October if done correctly. When you treat your plants well, expect a big harvest. With a suitable amount of attention paid to your plants during their growing seasons, yields as high as twenty-one ounces are not unheard of. GSC can often be a sophisticated outdoor plant, but if you put even a small quantity of time into feeding, it will grow well for you.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400 – 500 g/m2
Outdoor 400 – 500 gr/plant
Height : 100 – 180 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor early October
Stone : Calming, Euphoric, Creative
THC level : 24%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Cong Yeh

    Cong Yeh

    Planted this seeds at my very best. Started with 5 seeds. All popped up. Grew faster, I can say this is good genetics. Will definitely buy another batch!

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