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BC God Bud Pot Seeds Daily is an Indica and Sativa dominant marijuana strain with dense, resin-coated buds. It has a floral, citrus, berry, pine, and lavender scent and is one of the recipients of the Cannabis Cup awards. This strain is relaxing and automatically sends you back and forth to the moon due to its stimulating and euphoric effects.

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BC God Bud Strain Characteristics

A BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds Regular is the winner for the best indices of the world, this strain incorporates some of the most strong aromas and flavors found on planet Earth. A common plant among experienced cash-growers, these very dense and strong crystal-coated buds, with a high taste and accompaniment, make for outer-body encounters. The champion of the BC Weed Depot Multiple Cannabis Cup, this is a sign that took the cup home to Canada. On the toke, BC God Bud has a musky, pleasant taste with medicinal edges and traces of lavender, berry, and pine. The high has been well rounded, a mild creeper with long-lasting results, beginning with a cool, friendly feeling and growing to a more surreal, almost hallucinogenic buzz. It’s excellent for general pain relief and makes a fun nighttime smoke. Its high inner space thrives in relaxed spaces. The harmony of the B.C. God Budd unfolds in the garden or at the drawing table, and in the peaceful hours before bed. The Indica weed variety Deity Bud releases an earthy pine fragrance and leaves a soft aftertaste. When it is about to harvest, the buds are bright green, fuzzy, and fully coated with trichomes, sometimes giving it a frosty-white look from a distance.

BC God Bud Strain Effects

Its THC content is 18% -19% on average, with some crops hitting an astounding 27%. High is believed to cause sleepiness when calming the muscles of the body. The customer will be overtaken by a state of euphoria, and a fit of munchies can occur. This strain is better eaten just before dinner, to relieve any cravings before it falls into a quiet, relaxing rest. The BC God Bud strain is an extremely popular strain in the medicinal marijuana community. Its strong, indicative results relax the mind and body. This strain is typical among chronic stress patients who believe that the combination of its soothing effects together with its illuminating, intense mood-boosting effects helps them to cool, relax and wind down. The God Bud strain is also slightly effective in alleviating unpleasant symptoms such as muscle aches and pain and nausea. Due to its soporific effect, the God Bud strain is best suitable for evening or evening use. The high is well rounded, creeper with the long-lasting outcome, beginning with a cool, friendly feeling and growing to a more surreal, almost hallucinogenic vibration. It’s excellent for overall pain relief and makes a fun nighttime smoke.

What Growers Need To Know About BC God Bud Strain

BC God Bud is small, squat, and thick, with a lot of silvery resin. Although it does well outside California, yielding up to 3 pounds per acre, it does not finish as far north as British Columbia and is best suited for indoor growing in cold areas. While BC God Bud can be tough on beginners, diligent and persistent producers will find it a pest-resistant plant with wrinkled leaves and an appetite for nutrients. These plants range from eight to ten weeks of the growing period to accomplish maturity. When the plant’s age, their dark greens turn to colors of purple, and the heady, nearly high-inducing scent starts to fill the growing space, prompting some odor management measures.

These plants remain at the shortest end of the growth scale, achieving just 2-3 feet in height at harvest time, with bud development that can exploit smaller areas. The development of the BC God Bud strain is rated as mild to the firm, which makes it an unacceptable strain for an inexperienced grower to attempt. It is a high maintenance plant to be cultivated because of the significant amount of pruning required to preserve the shape of the plant in compliance with the regulations. Although the BC God Bud is not a single-cola vine, its side branching is small enough to make it a green sea of choice. Under these circumstances, it can produce 3-4 ounces of lightweight, shimmering resinous buds per vine.

BC God Bud Strain Specifications

Type : Indica/ Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Outdoor 12 ounces or more per plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 7-8 weeks
Outdoors mid to late October
Stone : Deep Relaxing
THC level : 14% to 22%
Grow : Difficult

1 review for BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds Regular

  1. Avatar for MarsiliusG


    Loved growing this strain! The buds sticky and frosty have fruity scent that carries over to the smoke flavor which is grassy with a hint of spiciness towards the end. The effect is relaxing and calming, perfect for a relaxing day or to unwind after a busy day.

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