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Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds Regular is a sativa-dominant marijuana variety with a high yield and a quicker flowering period of eight to ten weeks with cheese, lemon, orange, and spicy flavors. . It’s an enthusiastic, concentrated, cheerful, hungry, and comfortable strain you can use to cope with anxiety, arthritis, depression, cramps, nausea, migraines, and muscle aches.

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Agent Orange Strain Characteristics

The very first aspect you remember when you get a sniff of Agent Orange marijuana is the scent of oranges. However, this is not the scent of some old orange juice or fake orange replacement – it smells like a real thing.Effectively, it is the terpenes composition of the strain that is accountable for the impressive fragrance; the fruity citrus combination of lemon and orange is a delight to behold, and the real scent of oranges will differ between both the overt sweet and the tart quality of the small tangerine.In a way, Agent Orange weed smells like what you think fresh orange smells like – along with the sourness of citrus oils that compliments it. Below this initial fragrance is the more general taste of orange, as well as the shimmering sweetness below.The scent of Agent Orange is surprisingly similar to its original fragrance, but there is a peculiar umami consistency to the taste that is unlike any other orange-flavoured strain you’ve ever experienced previously.There is also a touch of cheese in the flavor, though, and the combination of sweet or savory that is created is wonderful and this is definitely one of the tastiest strains you will ever encounter.

Agent Orange MOf course, the aftertaste is probably the best aspect of a smoking encounter– a spiciness suggestive of the old European custom of mulled wine, packed to the brim with oranges packed with cloves. As far as appearance is concerned, the Agent Orange strain is fascinating because its big, flat-topped colas will potentially turn purple if properly dried. This strange detail renders Agent Orange marijuana highly visible and recognizable, and also makes it much easier to select from a pharmacy display.The purple coated, effective orange strain is therefore very common, offering a multitude of wonderful impacts and advantages. It is also a plant which grows tall with large green leaves coming out of the middle with buds, orange pistils and white trichomes. All and all, it is an esthetically appealing color mix that corresponds to human senses.

Agent Orange Strain Effects

By using Agent Orange weed strain, ensure it looks and tastes like orange peel , if you can not get a strong whiff of citrus, there’s definitely something wrong. After you’ve enjoyed the flavor, you can feel the iconic ‘stoner’ high that nugs create. The symptoms of Agent Orange Marijuana are very close to the strength of the scent – it’s going to hit you hard enough to break you soon.By far the best feelings you can hope to experience are pleasure and peace of mind. About the halfway point of the haze, you can hope to get the imaginative spirit that brings with it the optimism and joy that you encountered in your initial sip. You’re going to find it convenient to unwind, but there’s no chance you’re going to end up trapped in your sofa. High travels easily from head to body, improves your attitude, and can cause you to start chuckling.Another peculiar feature of Agent Orange strain is what we consider a ‘double high.’

The main impacts are instantaneous, and about two hours later, right as you think it’s time to cool down, the effects rise. There’s a slight kickback at the end that can make you feel tired but it’s not quite as obvious that some of the more indicious hybrids out there.If you’re a seasoned indicator smoker, you probably won’t even note that. Often, because of this slight indica influence, you can conveniently use Agent Orange weed at the beginning of the day, embracing its upbeat effects during the afternoon till about lunchtime, after which you can experience a duration of mild relaxing and marked calm.These results are very characteristic of a hybrid that bends towards sativa – as Agent Orange cannabis does – but what makes it extremely effective are the therapeutic uses of the strain.

What Grower Needs To Know About Agent Orange Strain

Most weed experts warn you that Agent Orange marijuana is ‘mildly’ difficult to achieve. If you have this strain seeds and want to cultivate them outdoors, you’ll need to live in a humid, sunny environment like that of the Mediterranean.In order to allow for even more beneficial impact and a thicker plant in particular, new growths along the top of the plant should be cut periodically as the plants mature. You may cultivate Agent Orange weed indoors or outdoors, just make sure you adhere to colder periods when you go outdoor growing.One thing to keep in mind is that the big plants that you would have produced are likely to need some sort of support network, so make sure you use some trellises or other support systems to guarantee the buds do not fall to the ground and rot.When processed, make sure that your Agent Orange marijuana plants are fully dried, as this variety may be highly prone to mold during the drying process. You will know that you did it right when you begin to see the purple coloration forming, resulting in an iridescent, brilliant color bud.

All in all, Agent Orange Marijuana is not too difficult to strain as long as you have some scientific know-how, as well as a knowledge of simple pruning techniques. For all your efforts, you’re guaranteed to get a big yield out of this fascinating strain.In fact, when you develop it indoors, this will yield up to sixteen ounces of bud per square meter, and it will take eight to nine weeks to bloom. If you cultivate it outdoors, it yields up to 19 ounces of bud per plant and is typically ready to be harvested in October.

24K Gold Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa / Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor Yield 16oz/ m2
Outdoor Yield 99oz/ plant
Height : Tall
Flowering : Indoors 8-9 weeks
Outdoors October
Stone : Euphoric and Deep Relaxation
THC level : 10 -19%
Grow : Moderate

1 review for Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds Regular

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    It was an excessively simple become heatlty all through. The yield was astonishing for a regular strain, and the buds came out very thick. High is entirely reasonable for nights, and fulfilling buzz, appeared to be extraordinary. Will do it again soon without a doubt!

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