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Most common questions about our company and our marijuana seeds for sale

We have received some common questions from our new and returning customers. We would like to answer some of them here so that you will be guided or at least give you some little ideas to the answers of some of the most common questions in our online marijuana seed bank.

Where are you located at?

Our company is based in Canada. We currently don’t have any physical store because we focus our business on the internet so that you will have ease in ordering marijuana seeds even in the comfort of your homes.

Do you ship your cheap marijuana seeds worldwide?

Yes, we ship our cheap marijuana seeds worldwide. The shipping times and rate differ depending on where you are located at. We accept cash, Interac Money Transfer (available to Canada customers only), Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoins payment methods.

What can I get for $60 – $75 price range of marijuana seeds cost?

You will get premium and high quality marijuana seeds which are priced in that range. You can order Afghan, Alaskan Thunder, Blue Berry, White Widow, and a lot more for that very affordable price. As you can see that some of the strains in the price range are premium and Cannabis Cup winners. You will get more value to your money when you buy our cheap marijuana seeds in Canada.

Is it safe to buy marijuana seeds from your online seedbank?

Yes it is safe to buy marijuana seeds from us. We are a legal company located in Canada and we do ship our seed items discretely. Just make sure that you check your local laws before ordering marijuana seeds from us so that you won’t have to worry about any issues or problems. So far, we haven’t experienced any issues with our shipments.

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