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Why is our seed bank the best place to buy marijuana seeds from?

We have a lot of loyal customers who can attest to our dedication in providing high quality marijuana seeds. We have the best selection for medical and non medical marijuana seeds that are high quality yet cheap. You can order from us wherever you are in the world unlike with other seedbanks which have limits to which country they are shipping to. Just make sure that you check your local laws before ordering our marijuana seeds for sale.

Will I get some freebies when I buy marijuana seeds from your online seed bank?

Yes you will get some free marijuana seeds if you reach more than $420 in total cost excluding shipping fees. The free marijuana seeds that you will receive are high quality handpicked from our premium marijuana seeds. We do not send bad seeds because we understand that doing such act would surely destroy our company. We don’t want that to happen.

When will I receive my marijuana seeds order?

The shipping times of our cheap marijuana seeds may differ depending on where you are located at. If you are in Canada, then your order will arrive within 2-4 business days. We will ship your order right after we have received your payment. We usually send it the same day or the next day we receive your order. There is a delay for payments made through cash in the mail because it would take time before we can receive them. However, we can assure you that our shipping times are quicker than the other marijuana seed banks especially to those companies located in Netherlands.

We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.

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