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Needed Equipments for Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Whether you decide to grow indoor or outdoor marijuana seeds, you need to germinate them first and let them grow a few inches tall before transferring them into your choice of grow medium. Expensive equipments are not necessary during the germination process. Most are even found in your own household. Among the tools necessary for germinating marijuana seeds are paper towels, buckets and thermometer to check the temperature level because paper towels can easily get cool. You will also need a plate where you will put the pot seeds to be germinated and another plate to use as covering.
Gather all the needed tools before seed germination- the tweezers, shot glasses, warm cupboard, thermometer, kitchen-type paper towels, thermometer, buckets and of course the marijuana seeds. In germination, the cannabis seeds are placed in paper towels moistened with water. The seeds will be covered with another paper towel and a small plate. The marijuana seeds germinated should be placed in warm and dark area with no light interruption. Check on the temperature around the seed area with a thermometer. A vent fan may be added in the room where the ganja seeds are germinated to promote good exchange of air and to avoid growth of molds on the seeds.
What things are required for easy germination of pot seeds?
The success of germination will largely depend on the quality of the seeds. Getting good quality marijuana seeds is a must. Germinating marijuana seeds is just easy as long as you have the access to all the necessary tools. Things needed are: paper towels (moistened with water), thermometer to check the temperature around the seed area, plates to contain and cover the seeds, warm cupboard and tweezers to hold the seeds or seedlings. Use tweezers and never touch the marijuana seeds or seedlings using your hands to avoid contamination. For pre-soaking of weed seeds, shot glasses and buckets are necessary.
Is it necessary to expose the cannabis seeds to light during the germination stage?
For high germination rate, getting good quality pot seeds is necessary. How the cannabis seeds are germinated is also a factor that will determine the success of germination. During the germination process, the pot seeds should not be exposed to light for 1 to 2 days. Light is not necessary during germination because placing the ganja seeds in a warm and dark area will let them absorb more water. Cover the seeds with another piece of paper towel and plate so no amount of light can penetrate.

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