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Do you offer free seeds when I order your most popular marijuana seeds?

We give away free seeds to any purchases, may it be the most popular seeds or just the regular seeds we have, for as long as your order is above $420. We offer discrete shipping to all our products and they will be shipped from Canada.

Am I assured that the most popular marijuana seeds will provide me with the best harvest?
The growing conditions such as grow medium used, lighting, fertilizer, soil, growing technique used, etc can let you harvest the best bud. While it is true that the quality of seeds you buy has something to do with the quality of harvest you’ll be getting, you still need to exert some effort and proper growing conditions enable for you to get what you want your marijuana seeds to grow like. If you are new at growing marijuana, then getting the advices of other marijuana growers, hanging out in growing marijuana blogs, or asking questions in growing weed forums would be a good practice so that you can get some good ideas on how to get the best harvest. The quality of our most popular marijuana seeds plus the right growing condition and method used should give you a very satisfying result in the future.

What are the most popular strains which I can buy from your Canada based seedbank?
We have Cannabis Cup winners and we also have the best selling marijuana seed strains in the list. We make sure that our most popular marijuana seeds are updated so that we can provide you with the best that we could offer. You can find the strains which are from the greatest breeders from around the world.

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