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Inside Cannabis Cup 2023’s Champion Circle

Inside Cannabis Cup 2023's Champion Circle

In the developing cannabis industry, it remains essential to stay updated on the latest trends and uncover those exceptional strains acknowledged at the prestigious Cannabis Cup 2023. Can you believe it? The year 2023 was a whirlwind of excitement, with numerous fantastic weed cups occurring all across the United States. These events weren’t just ordinary gatherings; they were akin to the Oscars of the cannabis realm, spotlighting the very best.

These competitions aren’t merely about boasting; they serve as a reflection of the cannabis industry’s progress. They provide a stage for cultivators to showcase their talents, where innovative products stand out, and where consumers get a taste of what’s new and thrilling. So, hold on tight, everyone! We’re set to explore some of the most extraordinary cannabis strains and products that made waves at the 2023 Cannabis Cup.


SoCal’s High Times Cannabis Cup

SoCal’s High Times Cannabis Cup 2023, one of California’s most prestigious cannabis competitions, saw an impressive array of entries this year. Fig Farms, a well-known cultivator, secured the top position with their Blue Face strain, which was named Best Indica Flower. Renowned for its relaxing effects and unique aroma, Blue Face enjoys significant popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Fig Farms also wowed the judges with their Animal Face strain, which earned the title of Best Hybrid Flower. This hybrid offers a perfect blend of indica and sativa genetics, providing a well-rounded experience.

In the highly competitive sativa category, Maven Genetics made a mark with their Orange Bellini strain. This citrusy delight delivers a burst of energy and creativity, making it a top choice for those seeking an uplifting experience. SoCal’s High Times Cannabis Cup showcases the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation and serves as a valuable resource for consumers in search of the finest strains in California.

Ego Clash Category

The Ego Clash category at the competition featured unique and exotic strains that pushed the boundaries of cannabis cultivation. Top Shelf Cultivation’s Whoa Si Whoa stood out with its exceptional flavors and effects. It’s a strain that dares to challenge the established norms and leaves a lasting impression on those who sample it. Anudai Farms also left a notable mark with their Eddy’s Lemons strain, offering a refreshing burst of citrus goodness with every inhalation. These strains vividly demonstrate the creativity and innovation flourishing within California’s cannabis community.

The Farmers’ Cup

The Farmers’ Cup, an event cherished by cannabis aficionados, crowned Orange Banana by Wonderbrett as the ultimate winner. This strain not only pleases the palate but also stands as a testament to the expertise of its cultivators. With a flawless balance of flavor and potency, Orange Banana is a remarkable indica that fully deserves its prestigious title. Sense Cannabis also gained recognition with their Pink Certz strain, which combines unique flavors with a soothing high. The winners at The Farmers’ Cup exemplify the dedication and craftsmanship of California’s cannabis growers.

California remains a leader in cannabis cultivation and innovation, with its competition champions setting a high bar for the rest of the industry. Whether you’re in search of relaxation, inspiration, or a distinctive experience, the strains honored at these competitions provide a diverse array of options for cannabis enthusiasts.


Denver’s Connoisseur Cup

Denver’s Connoisseur Cup is an annual event that spotlights the finest strains from Colorado’s flourishing cannabis industry. In 2023, the competition presented an impressive array, encompassing both perennial favorites and exciting newcomers. Among the champions, Super Lemon Haze shone as a crowd-pleaser. This sativa-dominant strain is cherished for its zesty lemon flavor and uplifting effects, making it the go-to choice for those in search of daytime energy and creativity. Gelato, another standout, is celebrated for its sweet and creamy taste, providing a delightful option for those with a sweet tooth. Animal Face Mints, with its unique fusion of flavors and a hint of mint, contributed to the diverse landscape of cannabis offerings in Colorado.

THC Classic

Colorado’s THC Classic is a competition that places a strong emphasis on THC potency, and in 2023, Golden Leaf made an impressive impact. Lemonhead Delight, Black Maple #22, and Candy Fumez, all originating from Golden Leaf, earned recognition for their high THC content and exceptional quality. Lemonhead Delight, as its name suggests, provides a burst of citrusy goodness with every inhalation, coupled with a potent high that’s sure to please even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur. On the other hand, Black Maple #22 brings a unique fusion of flavors and a robust dose of THC, making it a top choice for those seeking an intense experience. Candy Fumez, with its sweet and sugary notes, offers a pleasant and euphoric journey for consumers.

Colorado’s cannabis competitions not only showcase the state’s rich cannabis heritage but also highlight the commitment to producing top-tier strains that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of cannabis, these winners have something special to offer everyone.


Oregon Growers Cup

Oregon’s Growers Cup is an annual celebration of the state’s diverse cannabis cultivation methods, and the 2023 edition was no exception. This competition honored outstanding strains cultivated in various environments, including outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse. Alter Farms’ Strawberry Fizz, an outdoor-grown strain, won hearts with its fruity aroma and natural allure. This strain beautifully captures the essence of the outdoors, making it a favorite among those who appreciate the connection between cannabis and nature. Artisan Grown’s Candy Rain, a top winner in the indoor category, provides a premium cannabis experience due to its meticulous cultivation. Its flawless buds and rich flavors make it the preferred choice for those who value top-notch quality. Cannassentials’ Hash Burger, the winner in the greenhouse category, combines the best of both worlds. It thrives in a controlled environment while retaining the distinctive traits of outdoor cultivation. This strain epitomizes the innovation present in Oregon’s cannabis industry, where traditional and modern techniques harmoniously coexist.

Oregon Leaf Bowl

The Oregon Leaf Bowl is yet another platform that acknowledges the finest cannabis strains within the state. In 2023, strains like Trop Cherry and Ice Cream Cake by WM Ranch took the spotlight with their exceptional attributes. Trop Cherry, as its name suggests, provides a tropical fruit explosion with every puff, making it an appealing choice for those who have a penchant for fruity strains. Ice Cream Cake, conversely, offers a creamy and sweet experience reminiscent of its dessert namesake. Juicy Fruit by Left Coast Standard also garnered praise for its refreshing and fruity profile, demonstrating the diversity of cannabis offerings in Oregon.

Oregon’s cannabis competitions stress the significance of terroir and cultivation methods in delivering unique and high-quality strains. Whether you prefer the purity of outdoor cultivation, the precision of indoor growing, or the versatility of greenhouse production, Oregon has something extraordinary to offer.


Errl Cups

In the heart of the desert, Arizona’s cannabis scene was alive with anticipation during the Errl Cups in 2023. This competition showcased some outstanding strains that encapsulated the essence of the region. Aeritz’s Peanut Butter Mintz emerged as a champion, offering a distinctive blend of nutty flavors and minty undertones. This sativa strain is perfect for those seeking a rejuvenating and invigorating experience. Alien Labs’ Biskante, a standout in the indica category, provides a potent and calming high, making it an ideal choice for relaxation after a long day. Genesis Bioceuticals’ Lemon Meringue, renowned for its tantalizing citrus flavors, delivered a burst of energy and creativity that resonated with both judges and consumers. Additionally, Super Boof by Mohave Cannabis Co left a lasting impression with its captivating aroma and effects. Arizona’s cannabis enthusiasts have access to a diverse range of strains that cater to their various needs and preferences.

New York/Northeast

New York Growers Cup

The New York Growers Cup showcased the burgeoning influence of the cannabis industry in the Northeastern United States. The competition featured an eclectic array of strains that reflected the region’s diverse cannabis culture. Notable varieties such as Trop Cherry Gas and Tropical Trufflez in the Sweet category offered a delightful blend of fruity and exotic flavors. These strains are perfect for those seeking a sensory journey with each inhalation. The Gas category witnessed the rise of a Sherb x Biscotti x Animal Mints blend, combining the best of these strains to create a truly unique and flavorful experience. Green Haze, known for its haze characteristics, provided a cerebral high that sparked creativity and introspection. Sour Royale, as its name implies, delivered a tangy and sour profile that added a refreshing twist to the competition. Kaboom, acclaimed as the most Exotic, pushed the boundaries of flavor and effects, appealing to adventurous cannabis connoisseurs. The New York Growers Cup exemplified the evolving cannabis scene in the Northeast, offering a wide range of strains to cater to diverse tastes.

The Zalympix

The Zalympix event on the East Coast was a testament to the innovation and creativity that define the region’s cannabis industry. Gotti’s Zkittles x Zoap stood out as the best in show, captivating judges with its unique blend of genetics and flavors. This strain exemplifies the commitment of East Coast cultivators to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. Blue Lobster by Maine Trees made a significant impact by winning in multiple categories, highlighting the quality and diversity of strains cultivated in the Northeast. The Zalympix serves as a platform for East Coast cannabis enthusiasts to discover the cutting-edge strains and products developed in their region.

New Mexico

Growers Circle

New Mexico’s Growers Circle earned recognition for its exceptional strains in 2023. Strains like Homage and Trop Cherries provided consumers with a taste of the region’s unique terroir and cultivation techniques. These strains serve as a testament to the dedication of New Mexico’s cannabis growers in delivering top-tier products. Seed Junky, a prominent player in the cannabis industry, secured multiple top-three positions with Pineapple Fruz and Purple Push Pop, highlighting the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. These strains have become highly sought-after choices among cannabis enthusiasts. New Mexico’s cannabis scene continues to flourish, providing consumers with a diverse array of strains to explore and enjoy.

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