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Different Ways of Germinating Pot Seeds for High Germination Rate

Buying a pack of weed seeds will not give you a guarantee that all the seeds contained in each pack will sprout. Aside from the quality, how the pot seeds are germinated will determine the success rate of germination. Even if you have the best quality marijuana seeds but the germination process is not done very well, the germination rate of the seeds would be low. There are several ways on how cannabis seeds are germinated but the most common are the following:
Germinating pot seeds in rockwool cubes
Aside from soil, pot seeds can also germinate well using rockwool cubes. Rockwool has an excellent water holding capacity. Soak the cubes for several hours before putting the marijuana seeds and make sure you do not leave the rockwool dry.
Germinating weed seeds in paper towels
For water that is chlorine-free, use distilled for misting the paper towels. Place the moistened paper towels on a small plate before you put the cannabis seeds. Cover the seeds with a few sheets of moistened paper towels and place another plate on top. Do not let the paper towels dry because it will cause the pot seeds to die but do not put too much water as it may invite molds. Use a sprayer to mist the marijuana seeds.
Germinating marijuana seeds in a cup of water
Soak the marijuana seeds in a cup of distilled water and place the cup in warm and dark place for the seeds to absorb more water.
How to make the marijuana seed germination process successful?
Prepare all the necessary tools for germination including your working area. Even pot seeds can be stricken with molds and pests. Handle the seeds carefully and do not touch them with your hands. Water is the most important factor in seed germination. Always keep the cannabis seeds moist for them to germinate very well and keep them in a dark place that is warm as this will let the seeds thirst for more water.
What is the most effective way of germinating cannabis seeds?
Soaking the seeds in a cup of water, using rockwool cubes and moistened paper towels are three of the most commonly used methods of germinating marijuana seeds. The paper towel method is said to be the most effective way of germinating pot seeds. There is high rate of germination when this method is done rightly. In a day or two, you will notice that seeds will crack open. Just do not forget to always keep the paper towels moist.

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