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Cold Climate

Which marijuana strains are good for cold climate?

You can order Alaskan Thunder, Bubba Kush feminized, Cheese and a lot more of our premium marijuana seed strains for cold climate growing. Our experts handpicked the different marijuana strains for cold growing that you can find in this page so you can make sure that they will grow in the climate that you have in your place.

Why buy an appropriate marijuana strain for cold climate growing?

Nobody wants to fail in their growing marijuana adventure and that includes you. Cold climate marijuana growing can be dangerous to marijuana plants which are not used to it. Growing marijuana strains which are for this kind of climate can assure you of a good result. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, you have to make sure that you are growing the right strains. Buy from our online marijuana seed bank which is based in Canada and we will ship your order in the soonest time possible without any hassle to your part.

How to grow marijuana in cold climates?

Temperature below 60% F can be crippling to your marijuana plants. In such cold climates, growers usually use or provide heat through the use of heating pads or fan heaters. Sometimes they will cover cold floors with insulating materials or they raise the plants a little above the ground. Growing marijuana indoors during a cold climate can be expensive and hassle to your part but if you grow the marijuana strains for this climate then you don’t have to worry about adding some heat or whatsoever to your grow room.

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