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Better Way of Planting Pot Seeds- Is it Indoors or Outdoors?

Whether you will plant the marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors, the success of your growing project will largely depend on the seed genetics, medium used, light source and supply of water and nutrients. No matter how skilled you are about pot cultivation but the quality of the cannabis seeds you are growing is not good, poor yield may be expected. In planting the cannabis seeds of your choice, site selection is also important. If indoor growing is preferred, get indoors marijuana seeds and outdoor pot seeds for outdoor cultivation.

What are some of the tips in outdoor and indoor growing of cannabis seeds?
Growing sativa pot seeds will require for a bigger space because sativa types can grow very tall and will stretch much especially during the vegetative and early flowering phase. Sativa cannabis seeds are best grown outdoors. In outdoor growing, plants will receive abundant sunlight which is good for photosynthesis but in outdoor cultivation, there are several things that need to be considered. First, check on your local laws about marijuana cultivation and if growing is not legal, choose a spot that is private, discreet and away from other people’s eyes. Outdoor growing will also allow you to grow any cannabis type. You can grow indica or sativa marijuana seeds because space outside can accommodate even tall plants.

In indoor cultivation, you have to select a marijuana type that will not grow very tall. Commonly preferred for indoor growing are indica weed seeds because of their short to medium height. Indica plants may be stocky but they have the ability to maintain a short stature and this trait makes indica a good choice for indoor growing. Because of the height of the indica plants, they can be managed easily. In growing weed indoors, an artificial light source is necessary to replace the natural sunlight.

What are the rewards and the drawbacks of cultivating indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds?
Indoor and outdoor growing of weed seeds both presents advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed. Natural sunlight is good for marijuana plants but among the concerns about outdoor growing are weather changes, strong wind, heavy rains and hungry animals. These factors may affect the growth of the marijuana plants and amount of harvest as well. To control the growing environment is one of the advantages of growing pot seeds indoors. Cultivating indoor marijuana seeds in a controlled and optimum growing condition will reward you of good to excellent harvest of potent and high quality buds.

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