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Best Pot Seeds for Growing Indoors

Marijuana indoor growing will allow you to harvest buds at any time of the year because the growth of cannabis plants and flowering time are not dependent on the season. This is one of the reasons why many growers prefer cultivating the weed plants indoors. Aside from not being dependent on the growing season, indoor pot seeds grow fast, mature early and quick to produce buds. Among the marijuana seeds that can best grow indoors are Blueberry Twist, Auto NL, Auto Mass, Bulldog White Widow, Knockout, Double Berry, Chronic and Greenhouse Seeds Northern Lights.
There are several pot strains that are best for indoor growing. There are hybrid strains and sativas but the most common are the indica pot seeds because they are capable of maintaining a short to medium stature. Although most indica pot seeds can grow stocky, the plants do not grow too tall unlike the sativa marijuana seeds.
What advantages do growers can have in growing indoor marijuana seeds?
Growing marijuana all year round is the biggest advantage of growing pot seeds indoors. Unlike growing cannabis outdoors in which the plants will depend on the season for them to flower, indoor growing can be switched to automatic. You can even induce the weed plants to flower by simply switching the light and dark hours. When growing marijuana in an indoor set-up, some growing elements can be increased to hasten the marijuana plants’ maturity so buds can be harvested earlier. Indoor growing will also let you take control of the environment so you can set the light intensity, ventilation, temperature and humidity at the standard level best for the plants’ growth. You can also use other grow mediums aside from soil. Indoor pot seeds can be grown in a hydro set-up or using other mediums like rockwool, perlite, coco coir or clay pellets.
What are the drawbacks of cultivating indoor cannabis seeds?
Growing marijuana seeds indoors is offering a lot of advantages and benefits to the grower but there are also certain drawbacks. Indoor cannabis growing is expensive during the initial set up and costly to run. Increase in monthly electricity bill can be expected because of the growing equipments installed in the indoor pot garden such as the artificial light source, ventilating system, timers, odor control system and other grow equipments. If the growing environment is automated as you cultivate indoor pot seeds, timers used may malfunction and when this happens, problems like early or late flowering of the plants can occur. Aside from timer malfunctioning, growers may also encounter problems like overfertilization or inadequate amount of fertilizers supplied.

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