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Basic Steps on How to Cultivate Cannabis Seeds in a Grow Box

To successfully grow marijuana, it does not always require expertise. Even by just knowing the basics of growing pot seeds, you will obtain excellent yield and buds with high potency and of good quality. The success of weed growing will also depend on the quality of the marijuana seeds, growing method used and the type of strain chosen that is appropriate on your level of expertise. Choose which type of seeds you want to grow- indica or sativa marijuana seeds. Below are the basic steps on how to grow weed seeds in a grow box:
– Prepare the equipments to be used and this includes setting up an artificial light source if pot seeds are cultivated in an indoor garden
– Select the type of marijuana strain you want to grow
– Cannabis seeds should be germinated first before planting them in soil or any grow medium of your choice
– Once the seeds have fully sprouted, transfer the seedlings on the grow medium
– As the young cannabis plants will enter the vegetative period and until they proceed to the flowering phase, provide them with the right light spectrum for maximum growth and bud production
What to do before marijuana seeds are planted in a grow box?
Before growing marijuana in grow boxes/pots, germinated the seeds first and wait until the seeds have fully sprouted. After 24 to 48 hours of germination, you will see that pot seeds will start showing cracks and roots will start coming out. After the seeds are fully germinated, you can begin transferring them in a grow box with the soil medium. Make sure that young cannabis plants will receive adequate amount of light. Ensuring that good artificial light source is installed, your weed seeds will grow into healthy marijuana plants producing large yield of potent buds.
Why it is very important to apply the correct amount of nutrients and use the right soil medium and container?
Marijuana needs different amount of nutrients during different growth stages. Provide the weed plants with the three basic nutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) all throughout their stages of growth- from vegetative up to the budding time. Choose the right size of grow box/pot for your marijuana plants. You can place them in a small container during the seedling stage and once the plants are growing bigger, you can transplant them to a medium to large-sized pots/boxes. Transplanting is needed when the weed plants will start to outgrown their current containers. Do not use just any soil coming from your garden because it may contain pests and other plant diseases. To make sure that soil is nutrient-rich and pest free, you can use a commercial potting soil.

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