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Basic Equipments Necessary for Growing Marijuana Seeds

Before transferring the cannabis seedlings to your choice of grow medium, germination of pot seeds should first be done. Some tools are required to make germination of marijuana seeds a successful one. Some of the necessary tools for seed germination are: kitchen-type paper towels moistened with water, cups/small plates and air-tight containers. When pot seeds have fully sprouted, prepare the needed equipments for planting the seedlings.
For growing pot seeds that fully germinated, you need a grow medium which can either be soil, perlite, coco coir, clay pellets or rockwool cubes. Other things needed are grow boxes/pots, artificial light source for growing indoors, fertilizers and other gardening tools like sharp scissors, hand gloves, buckets and cutters when topping or trimming the weed plants.
How effective is the paper towel method in germinating pot seeds?
Marijuana seeds can be germinated in soil, in rockwool cubes or in paper towels. The paper towel method is commonly used and it is one of the effective methods in germinating cannabis seeds. The seeds can be placed in an airtight container with moistened paper towels. Just choose where you want to place your weed seeds- in a plastic container or in a cup. Some are also using small plates. One is used to contain the seeds and the paper towels and the other is used to cover the pot seeds. The paper towel method is proven an effective way of germinating pot seeds. While on the process of germination, place the marijuana seeds in a dark and warm room for more water absorption.
What other tools/equipments are necessary for growing cannabis seeds?
In germinating cannabis seeds, you may use a desiccant to help establish moisture stability and to prevent molds from thriving in. During germination, the marijuana seeds should not be exposed to light for about 24 to 48 hours. When the seeds have fully germinated and about a few inches tall, they are now ready to be transplanted to any medium. Soil is one of the most commonly used medium for growing weed plants because of its availability.
Prepare the soil medium before the seedlings are transferred. Check thepH of the soil. You can use a commercial potting soil if you do not know how to formulate your own soil mixes. Aside from the grow medium, you will also need to install an artificial light source if you are cultivating cannabis plants in an indoor garden. To remove the heat produced by the light, you can install an exhaust fan or a ventilating system to release warm air and replace it with a fresh one.

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