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Yield 700 – 800 (g/m2)

What are the best marijuana seeds for growing indoors and outdoors?

That question depends on your preference. There are certain people who like a certain marijuana strain because it is a high yielder while some people prefer the taste. The best person that can answer this question is yourself. However, if you don’t know how to get started because it is your first time growing then use the filtering category feature in our website which you can access on the left pane or you can chat with us to ask questions.

Do you ship your marijuana seeds worldwide?

Yes. We are located in Canada and we ship our marijuana seeds to our customers from around the world discretely.

How many days would it take for your marijuana seeds to arrive to my address?

It depends on where you are located at. We have quick delivery to USA and some other parts of the world. There are times when your order doesn’t arrive early. That’s not because our shipment is slow. There are some factors that you should consider like your country’s custom thus it is very important that you check your local laws before ordering marijuana seeds from us.

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