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400 – 500 (g/m2)

Why your marijuana seed bank is considered to be one of the best in Canada?

We are not just one of the best in Canada. We are actually one of the best in the world and our reputation speaks for itself. Our customers can attest to how serious we are with what we are doing. We believe that providing high quality products and services can make us survive in this competitive industry and that’s what we have been doing. With the cheap and high quality marijuana seeds that we can offer, our customers keep on coming back for more. We have one of the quickest deliveries in the world because Canada has the best shippers.

Which marijuana seeds should you buy if you want to get high yield?

All the marijuana seeds that you can order from this page can reach 400 to 500 gram per meter squared. Choose from any of the marijuana seeds in this page and you’ll get that yield. If you want more, then go to the left pane and select the yield of your preference.

How many marijuana seeds should I buy if I am just a new grower?

Order 10 marijuana seeds of a high quality marijuana strain for a start. That’s the best number of marijuana seeds for beginners that’s why the minimum number of marijuana seeds that you can buy from us is 10. Order now and we will deliver your seeds in the soonest time possible right to your doorsteps discretely. We can assure you of discrete transactions and delivery. For more information, please contact us during Canada business hours.

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