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What Cannabis Seed Types are Best for an Outdoor Weed Garden?

In marijuana indoor growing, installation of grow equipments is needed to supply what the plants need. Several growers prefer to cultivate marijuana seeds outdoors because almost everything that the plants need is provided by nature. Outside there’s the natural sunlight unlike indoor growing where you need to set up an artificial light source to support the plants’ growth. For outdoor growing, the best choice is to grow sativa pot seeds. Strains that are mostly sativa can grow well outdoors. Read on reviews and features of the marijuana seeds you would like to buy. Look for cannabis seeds that are pest resistant and are natural robust type so they can tolerate well varying changes of temperature outside. Most sativa weed seeds are tough so they can handle some environmental stress.
What benefits that a grower can have in growing marijuana seeds outdoors?
A lot of marijuana growers find it easier to cultivate cannabis seeds outdoors because almost everything needed for excellent plants’ growth are provided free by nature such as the growing medium (soil), light (sun) and good ventilation. An outdoor pot growing is also cheaper to run and there is no worrying about adding up to your monthly electricity bill. Outdoors, there will be no expensive initial set up of artificial light, vent fans and odor control system. Grow pot seeds outdoors and let nature provide what the plants need. Just make sure to select a seed type that is naturally robust so it can withstand environmental factors like strong wind, rainfall and changes in temperature.
How outdoor pot seeds should be cultivated?
Just like growing indoors, outdoor marijuana seeds need to be germinated first. Once the seedlings are already a few inches tall, you can transplant them directly in the soil ground or in pots then place outside. There’s a lot of difference between indoor and outdoor growing of pot seeds. For many weed growers, it is easier to cultivate marijuana outdoors than indoors where you need to set up additional grow equipments. Before transferring the young marijuana plants outdoors, check the pH of the soil and see to it that it is not acidic. It is good to choose a location where there are annual crops or some fast-growing plants because it only suggests that the soil is rich in nutrients. Please bear in mind that growing pot is not yet legal in most countries so make sure to select an outdoor pot garden that is not only safe from hungry animals but also a spot that is away from the prying eyes of neighbors and authorities.

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