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Some Tips on How to Plant Your Cannabis Seeds

Before you start with any pot growing project, decide first where you want to grow the marijuana seeds. Site selection is of utmost importance and this is the first step you need to accomplish first before buying seed online. Buy indoor cannabis seeds if you prefer having a private garden in an attic, basement or any area indoors. If you have purchased sativa ganja seeds, you can plant them directly in the soil ground with neutral pH and nutrient-rich or you can place them in pots to be positioned outside where the sun is abundant.
Decide what kind of marijuana strain you will growand then prepare the area where you want to plant the seeds. Make sure to plant the marijuana seeds in an area that is suitable for them so a good harvest of good quality buds can be expected.
What type of grow medium is best for growing my pot seeds?
Soil is the most common medium used for growing marijuana seeds because aside from being cheap, soil is also widely available and can easily be accessed. If pot seeds are cultivated outdoors, they are usually planted directly in the soil ground while some growers prefer to put commercial potting soil mixes in pots and place outside. Indoor growing will give growers a lot of medium choices. Indoor marijuana seeds can be planted in soil mixes, in perlite, coco coir, clay pellets and sand mixed with organic substances. Cannabis seedlings can also be planted in a hydroponic nutrient solution. However, cultivating marijuana plants in a hydro set-up needs experience and expertise in pot growing.
What is hydroponics and how marijuana seeds are grown in a hydro set-up?
In hydroponics growing, different kinds of mediums can be used. This growing method should only be done by experienced and expert marijuana growers because of some technicalities involved. In this growing system, the growing environment of the marijuana plants is automated. It can be triggered by timers and it requires expertise so you can successfully grow cannabis in this kind of growing method. Rockwool, perlite, soil mixes are among the mediums used for growing marijuana indoors. In a hydroponic set- up, the weed plants can be grown either in deep water, ebb and flow or in a wick system. Hydroponic system is expensive during the initial set up and costly to run but the rewards are excellent because cannabis plants will be cultivated in a growing system that is pest-free. Thus, high yield of potent buds can be expected.

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