Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its heavy yields and sweet and very tasty flavors. It comes with a high 21% THC making you calm, energetic, euphoric, focused, and relaxed. It has delicious citrus, skunk, and sweet flavors you’ll surely enjoy. This strain is small, growing only 80 to 110 cm tall, but can produce up to 800 grams per square meter of yield.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Super Silver Haze Autoflower

A Stout, Auto-Flowering Strain

Formulated by the combination of an unnamed Ruderalis strain and Super Silver Haze, Super Silver Haze Autoflower is a Sativa-leaning cross feminized and auto-flowering marijuana strain. This hybrid acquires new automatic qualities while maintaining the active effects of Super Silver Haze.

When completely absorbed with your job, it is ideal for puffing this herb to help with concentration and pleasure without needing to agonize being lock in a couch. Several wellness perks like a boost energy level and pain relief are the basis why numerous physicians allow this weed.

This strain can provide a fair harvest of up to 10 oz (per sqm) when grown indoors. In alfresco gardening, in contrast, its yield could be as much as 5 oz per weed. It uses a maximum of 3 months to attain full growth and set for reaping from the moment the seeds germinate. Cultivated for its quirky effects and therapeutic benefit, Super Silver Haze is rather consumed when in work, the event when you need to catch a rest from an exhausting job.

2 reviews for Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

  1. Mark West

    This strain exceeded my expectations. Above all, it stands out. The unique scent of aroma is totally inviting. The frosty buds are huge. It produced a lot. The yield is great! Thanks for this product!

  2. Fiona Y.

    They may be shorter and smaller than the other strains but they sure do produce fantastic yields. Harvested some healthy buds and was very happy with their sweetness. The effects of the Super Silver Haze strain has helped me achieve full-body relaxation after a long day from work.

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