Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain was named after the famous cookies sold by the Girl Scouts of the US. Its flavors are reminiscent of the same cookies, tasting sweet and minty. This Indica-dominant hybrid has been a cannabis enthusiast’s favorite for decades now due to its entrancing aroma and the calming and soothing effects this cannabis strain brings. Its genetic lineage is that of Durban Poison bred with OG Kush, resulting in this award-winning Cannabis Cup awarded. Medical marijuana users also seek out this strain as it provides them with a variety of medicinal values beneficial to them.

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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Characteristics

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) cannabis strain has a very beautiful appearance. Its twisting buds are a bright green with deep purple leaves and the whole plant is covered with bright neon-orange pistils. Its physical appearance will stand out and brighten up a room.

But one of the GSC’s most noted features is its skunky and minty aroma. A pungent earthy aroma is also distinguishable, blending in with a perfect sweetness that makes this strain a blissful weed to smell. As with its aroma, the flavors of Girl Scout Cookies strain embody its OG heritage as sweet notes of caramel-like flavor are mixed with a slightly minty flavor. As the creamy smoke is exhaled a blend of spices and nutmeg comes in as an aftertaste, making this weed a complexly flavored cannabis strain.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Effects

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is notoriously potent. For a strain named after a girl scouts, there is nothing mellow about this weed. With a high that starts in the head of the temples being stimulated, a euphoric and happy high ensues. It relaxes the body without making it heavy. This is a happy strain as the users will feel genuine happiness as their confidence is uplifted as the body starts to unwind. This great balance of cerebral and heavy body high will not overwhelm its users but will give them a positive outlook while their bodies lie in a state of full relaxation.

What Growers Need To Know About Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds

Concerning growing difficulties, the GSC Autoflower is considered a moderate plant to grow. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and prefer sunny, warm, and dry climates for them to thrive. It is this dry condition that makes it a moderate plant to grow as the grower must constantly monitor the humidity levels of the growing area. Too much water vapor in the air will make the plant susceptible to mold and mildew growth. These can wipe out an entire harvest if not properly addressed. They will start flowering and be ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks and can yield approximately 10 ounces of fresh bud.


Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Strain Specifications

Genes : Durban Poison x OG Kush
Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Sunny, Warm, and Dry
Yield : 10 ounces indoors and outdoors
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9 -10 weeks
Stone : Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, and Uplifted
Flavor : Sweet, Earthy, Pungent, Lemon, Mint, Spicy, Herbal
THC level : 18%
CBD level : 0.9%
Grow : Moderate

1 review for Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Katja Durr

    Katja Durr

    Do you know that this cannabis growing is one of my hobby. I love the strain I chose now because its quite unique among them. I love how this bushy plant grow. The yield is great and fine. I can say a quality genetics. So I will recommend this one to others. 5 Stars!

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